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Silent Hill ps3

posted by dman246 (CHICOPEE, MA) Nov 6, 2012

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Man,this game was kind of a disappointment I've loved a few silent hills and hated a few,but this one was on the fence for me, the story was full of potential but the game play was full of flaw. I thought we were past the point of repawning enemy's!I would have loved to love this game but I just couldn't

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posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Sep 11, 2012

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I walked around for loooooooong time not doing too much. After a few hours I packed it up and sent it back. This is not like Silent Hill's of the past.... which might be a good thing for diehard fans, but it was to uneventful for me.

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posted by InsaneSamurai (SALISBURY, MD) Dec 5, 2012

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Disclaimer: I think its a bit strange to write a review without playing through a whole game(I only made it 3 hours), but I'm just hoping that someone can read this and save some time avoiding this disaster.

I've been a fan of the Silent Hill games since the beginning, and they've always been hit or miss. This ones a definite miss. The game looks pretty good, and at times sounds great, but that's about it for the good. The control is clunky, there's nothing to assist with navigation apart from the same map system used since the very first game(which leads to alot of wandering), and all sense of fear goes away the instant they throw you into combat. Top that off with a system that can penalize you greatly for not using a walkthrough, and the package is just a waste of time.

The end of the game for me was after wandering around an area looking for a key for about a half an hour, I gave up and went to Gamefaqs. I learned that not only was that key in a room I'd searched 3 or 4 times and just didn't stand still long enough in one spot for the X button to pop on screen, but in the area I had just left I missed a room where you were supposed to get a gun.

A gun is usually a pretty big deal in a Silent Hill game, especially when it's the first one you get, so I try to go back, but Silent Hill: Downpour doesn't believe in going back. Already I've lost track of how many times I walked to a new area just to have the entrance inexplicably become blocked. Whether it's a random boulder falling right behind you, or the door just locking for no reason, it's never something you can tell is going to happen until it's too late, and it can cost you when there are(were) multiple paths.

I can't review the story since I didn't make it very far, but the voice acting was good except for the main character. His lines were emotionless, even when 'calling' for help he barely raised his voice or stopped sounding bored.

Overall, this is probably only for die-hard fans.

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