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Silent Hill: Downhill

posted by Serius_Jose (WEST NEW YORK, NJ) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I just beat the game and am sending the game back, I wasnt going to write a review.. but after giving this game a chance and playing it for about 13 hrs, i think i should type down my thoughts

To start, I'll say the graphics are pretty good at times maybe for closeups etc, but the other half of the time the graphics seem to be close to mediocre, and there is a frame rate drop/lag of some sort. That I dont know if its just the disc i have or its part of that Silent Hill Downpour experience, so im not sure about this. The music was ok i guess, the intro music by Korn was good though, that I did like. The gameplay mechanics need alot of more tweeking and character control and camera control range from mediocre to horrible. The story suprisingly was good or atleast it was good to me. Too bad a good story is wasted on a half hearted game. Team Silent where art thou?

From 1 - 10
Graphics:7 (Sometimes 8)
Music: 6 (Korn 9)
Gameplay: 4
Story: 8
Overall: 6.5 for Barely okay..

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Above Average

Hit or miss (largely miss)

posted by Diabl0s (SOMERVILLE, MA) Jan 10, 2013

Member since Jun 2010

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I really wanted to like this game. I personally had no problem with Homecoming, a lot of people do but not me. True the depth and crazy twisted nature of Silent Hill got lost in translation but this one is the next step in a feeble attempt.

So Murphy Pendleton is a maximum prison transfer convict that has just lucked when his transport suddenly fell off the highway and into the outskirts of Silent Hill...
The story is rather straight forward and most can guess what the focus would be on. Unfortunately almost everything else about the game felt like HD remake of an older ps2 title. No varieties in enemies (maybe about 3 or 4) and shamefully devoid of any creativity. What they did do right was the exploration aspect of Silent Hill. There are tons of inane side quests that has no relation to the main plot or why Murphy would be wasting his time on doing this instead of escaping his nightmare, I don't know.

While Homecoming was inferior to its predecessor, I would have imagined more refinements to the combat system not harken back to the days of clunky camera and even clunkier combat scheme...

While Silent Hill on the regular world still has its haunting charms with vast areas to explore. The nightmare version suffers from terrible chasing sequence with an unimaginable enemy (no its not a compliment). While the main plot concludes, the other characters introduced are just left in the air as a mystery or just incomplete.

Did I mention how much the combat sucks? That is the true horror this game offers, the fear of having to fight the same enemies over and over with terrible controls. This game had some potential but obviously somethings were cut short. I liked the idea of side quests but it has to make some sense... I also liked that most places and homes were explorable, beats looking through walls and walls of static textures.

Simply put,if you are a fan then you can give this a shot out of obligation but don't hold your breath on scares. The magic i

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Above Average

Is Scilet Hill, but bugs abound

posted by SeiferJ (RACINE, WI) Jan 9, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

At first I really liked the game and the direction it was taking. It felt like a Silent Hill game. I liked that the town is a little more free-roam, and the game is not so linear; what with the side quests, and story options (kill or spare). The game features multiple endings, all of which are easy to get,; but require multiple play throughs (classic silent hill). I think the scenery was very good, and the scares and shocks are plentiful. That's the good.

As for the bad...
I don't know how this game got approved for production.
The game lags all the time. It feels like I was playing a massively multilayer on line game with a bad connection, it lags so much! This should have been a huge red flag in testing.
Also I hate how the game is designed so that you're gonna die lots of times, but that's OK to the game. You'll just continue from the auto save moments before. I hated this. I hate dieing; but in this game, there's not much avoiding it on first run through. There are alot of parts where you are running though a maze like area whith a distructive void chasing you. If you chose the wrong way or move too slow, you die. Also there are slide parts, where you have too steer left or right and avoid instant death, or balance beams feature constantly where you can fall to your death. Another horrible thing is that there are points in the story where you HAVE lose all your inventory (ammo & health packs).
This is not a very good survival horror. With the losses of inventory, why bother hording supplies at all?! And the constant auto saves, make it so every bit of the game is just trial and error till I get to the next (very close) checkpoint.
Lastly the game just ended before I was ready. I got to the last area of the town, and did one innocuous thing, next thing I know, all my inventory is gone, and I'm at the final battle area with no way to head back to the main town, and do all the side quests I was engaged in.

This game could have been great; instead only

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