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Hit or miss (largely miss)

posted by Diabl0s (SOMERVILLE, MA) Jan 10, 2013

Member since Jun 2010

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I really wanted to like this game. I personally had no problem with Homecoming, a lot of people do but not me. True the depth and crazy twisted nature of Silent Hill got lost in translation but this one is the next step in a feeble attempt.

So Murphy Pendleton is a maximum prison transfer convict that has just lucked when his transport suddenly fell off the highway and into the outskirts of Silent Hill...
The story is rather straight forward and most can guess what the focus would be on. Unfortunately almost everything else about the game felt like HD remake of an older ps2 title. No varieties in enemies (maybe about 3 or 4) and shamefully devoid of any creativity. What they did do right was the exploration aspect of Silent Hill. There are tons of inane side quests that has no relation to the main plot or why Murphy would be wasting his time on doing this instead of escaping his nightmare, I don't know.

While Homecoming was inferior to its predecessor, I would have imagined more refinements to the combat system not harken back to the days of clunky camera and even clunkier combat scheme...

While Silent Hill on the regular world still has its haunting charms with vast areas to explore. The nightmare version suffers from terrible chasing sequence with an unimaginable enemy (no its not a compliment). While the main plot concludes, the other characters introduced are just left in the air as a mystery or just incomplete.

Did I mention how much the combat sucks? That is the true horror this game offers, the fear of having to fight the same enemies over and over with terrible controls. This game had some potential but obviously somethings were cut short. I liked the idea of side quests but it has to make some sense... I also liked that most places and homes were explorable, beats looking through walls and walls of static textures.

Simply put,if you are a fan then you can give this a shot out of obligation but don't hold your breath on scares. The magic i

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Really Bad

Not Worth Buying

posted by kinjo (SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA) Dec 7, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

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Well after playing through the whole game, I have to agree with IGN. This game is horrible. Let's start with the fact that it will lag and freeze when entering new areas or when the rain starts. Also, after loading into a new area, the textures take a minute to load in, and the graphics are not that impressive. How about the game play? Well as mentioned, the combat sucks. It would not be so bad if the weapons did not degrade so quickly. Sure wooden sticks will break in a couple of hits, but a shotgun or fire axe will not. I found it very frustrating when my firearms got broken or taken away, especially when there are so few lying around. Your character will also stop running after so long, which is really not cool when running from the vortex or monsters. Let's not forget the 'hop in and out of the window twenty times' problem. I am not BS'ing if you do not move straight after climbing a ladder or crawling through a window, you will find yourself repeating the motion. The lack of direction is also an issue. I would not recommend this game unless the person I'm recommending it to loves screaming at games because they are so frustrating.

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posted by InsaneSamurai (SALISBURY, MD) Dec 5, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Disclaimer: I think its a bit strange to write a review without playing through a whole game(I only made it 3 hours), but I'm just hoping that someone can read this and save some time avoiding this disaster.

I've been a fan of the Silent Hill games since the beginning, and they've always been hit or miss. This ones a definite miss. The game looks pretty good, and at times sounds great, but that's about it for the good. The control is clunky, there's nothing to assist with navigation apart from the same map system used since the very first game(which leads to alot of wandering), and all sense of fear goes away the instant they throw you into combat. Top that off with a system that can penalize you greatly for not using a walkthrough, and the package is just a waste of time.

The end of the game for me was after wandering around an area looking for a key for about a half an hour, I gave up and went to Gamefaqs. I learned that not only was that key in a room I'd searched 3 or 4 times and just didn't stand still long enough in one spot for the X button to pop on screen, but in the area I had just left I missed a room where you were supposed to get a gun.

A gun is usually a pretty big deal in a Silent Hill game, especially when it's the first one you get, so I try to go back, but Silent Hill: Downpour doesn't believe in going back. Already I've lost track of how many times I walked to a new area just to have the entrance inexplicably become blocked. Whether it's a random boulder falling right behind you, or the door just locking for no reason, it's never something you can tell is going to happen until it's too late, and it can cost you when there are(were) multiple paths.

I can't review the story since I didn't make it very far, but the voice acting was good except for the main character. His lines were emotionless, even when 'calling' for help he barely raised his voice or stopped sounding bored.

Overall, this is probably only for die-hard fans.

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