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Silent Hill 4: The Room

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Silent Hill 3 references

Before you complete Apartment world, look through the hole into Eileen's room. You will see a rabbit doll from Silent Hill 3 slumped on a table. However, after Eileen is attacked by little Walter, the doll will now be looking at the peek hole and pointing at you. Look out of the window of the living room section of apartment 302 when you are able to. In the sky floating over the buildings, there is a large balloon that is one of the bunny creatures heads from Silent Hill 3 .

Strange sights

In the little rooms outside of the long spiral staircases in the second part of the game, you can sometimes see some interesting things (i.e. a swinging corpse, a sheep and a dancing baby).

Mysterious Face

When it starts raining, if you stand facing the window in Henry's living room you can see a mask/face slide down on the window.

Prison Rotating levels

When rotating the second and third levels of the prison, do it as follows. Turn the handle four times to the right on the second floor, and two times to the right on the third floor. No matter what difficulty level you are playing on, this will always work.

Prison Kitchen light

If you want to turn on the kitchen lights, you must make the three holes in each floor above each other leading you to the kitchen. You can only move the holes of the third and second floors. If it did not work, try another three holes above each other leading you to the kitchen.

Batting practice

When remaining idle with the aluminum bat is equipped, Henry will begin to practice his swing.

Silent Hill reference

There is reference to little Alessa from the original Silent Hill . At the central area in the forest of Silent Hill, inside the Wish House front the cupboard, you can read the following: "There's scribbled note. Have you found Alessa yet? How is Walter´s progress coming along? Send me a report."

Silent Hill 2 reference

Billy and Miriam Locane are the two kids mentioned in the article found in the trash in Silent Hill 3 .

Silent Hill 3 references

Walter Sullivan was the creepy stalker who left dolls for Heather in Silent Hill 3 .


To get different types of endings, you must do one of four things. Either clear your apartment of ghosts before the final battle, or do not; and let Eileen die or not. These two course of actions create four different endings.


Finish the game four times and earn the four different endings. Play the game again using the same save slot and select Eileen's nurse uniform. If you complete the game a fifth time, hold Triangle + Circle before the ending to see the special UFO fifth ending.

How to beat the Wall Monster Boss

Once you have found the correct Wall Monster, equip a strong weapon for Eileen (i.e. the chain or submachine gun). Then, attack it with a charged rusty axe hit, and keep pounding it with light attacks. While you are doing that, Eileen will help out, which drastically increases the amount of damage the Wall Monster receives, thus making the battle very easy.


Ampoules are the best of the healing items. There are two Ampoules that can be found. One is in the storage room on the first floor of the Hospital World. The other is in the bathroom inside Room 106 (the second time around the Apartment World). Save these for the final battle; they will help, especially under hard difficulty.

Ghost Cynthia and the candle

Unlike most ghosts, if a candle is placed in front of the ghost Cynthia, she will stand in place and scream as her hair begins to float in every other direction. Other ghosts simply fall.

Stopping Cynthia's ghost

Pinning Cynthia's ghost down in the turnstile area makes it so she does not bother you and Eileen in the platform area.

Sword Of Obedience

There is no need to waste a sword if you are just entering areas for items. Instead, knock the ghost down and stab it with the sword, get what you need, and take the sword back. After taking the blade out, you have five to seven seconds to leave without your "ghost sense" ringing out.

Control loading screen

Sometimes when the scene changes or you go through a door, a black screen will appear with a ghost or a red/gray circle. Use the Right Analog-stick to move the ghost, and circle around or zoom in on them.

Knock on window

When looking outside, press X and you may knock on the window. This trick has no use.