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7.4? Really dudes?

posted by EQOAnostalgia (NEW YORK MILLS, NY) May 2, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

This is highly regarded as one of the best games of all time! 7.4 is shameful! This game needs no review because it is LEGENDARY just like 1 and 2 before it! Rent this game NOW! Stay far far far away from the HD collection which i gave a good score not knowing was a total pile of poo! They ruined it!

Your best bet is to pick this and 2 up ASAP! Want a HD version? PC is the only option as the HD collection is flat out BROKEN! in every single way possible! This game is a perfect 10! Period.

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Silent Hill's official sequel

posted by MOONSTAR (WILTON, CA) Oct 20, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

For those of you who have played and completed the Original Silent Hill, you may recall Harry Mason Fleeing Silent Hill with Baby Cheryl in his arms. This game takes place 17 years after the event of silent hill (the year is 2000 in this game) and the protagonist is Heather mason (AKA Cheryl)
Silent Hill 3 follows Heather as she contends with the same enimatic forces her father dealt with seventeen years ago. This game includes new weapons, characters, plot twists and, in a first in the series, a bunch of alternate costumes for heather to wear
Gameplay is more or less the same as it had been in the previous games, voice acting as corny as ever, and the continued tradition of multiple endings is once again here. there is the "normal" ending where Heather and Douglas cartland leave silent hill after defeating Claudia Wolf and the cult, there is the "Possesed" ending where a spirit posseses heather and makes here kill douglas, and the "Revenge" ending which relates to the previous games UFO endings in which harry mason has a fleet of Alien Flying Saucers destroy Silent Hill.
Silent Hill 3 is an excellant edition to the silent hill series.

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posted by haku890 (CHICKASHA, OK) Sep 3, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

i absulutlyey love the silent hill series it is actualy based on a true story -
back in 1959 in centralia PA a mine fire broke out under the city it wasint a big deal at first but then people started dying and roads caving in a man was in his back yard and the ground collaps the hole was 4 ft wide and 158 ft deep it is know trying to be controled it will be boked off till 2016 :)

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