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Finally an Explanation!

posted by Takerkain (FAIRFIELD, ME) Jun 20, 2006

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I love the Silent Hill games. They have creepy atmosphere cool stories and decent action and puzzle solving. For some reason though, I stopped playing this game halfway through and did not pick it up for some time. When I finally played through it on the second attempt I found more of the same Silent Hill eerieness. What I liked about the first game was how different it was, I loved the story from the second game, but this game I found that I loved the locations the most. I thought the Amusment park and the haunted mansion were great places to exploring, along with the mental hospital, and the church. Essentially every horror movie locality has been put in one game. It was a while since I had played the first two Silent hills so I found the story somewhat confusing when I couldn't remember something specific from the first game, although I didn't have too much trouble grasping the situation. The creatures are fairly creepy as always, although a few monsters were recycled from the other games, such as the nurses, although some of them are holding guns in this game. I enjoyed the choice in the melee weapons in this game, having four of them to choice from to slash or bludgeon your enemies with. The music, as always, added to the creepy atmosphere of the game as did the usual cast of strange characters with secret agendas. As much as I like these games and believe them to be complete, there is a large part of me that wishes they were longer than they are. This one lasted me around four and a half hours the first go through. Overall, this is what we expect from Silent Hill games and why so many people buy them up, although I will admit it is my least favorite of the series.

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Best in the SH series

posted by Selic114 (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 22, 2006

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in my opinion SH3 was the best in the entire series, it covered and finished off the story for the first game, for all those fans who played the first one, they got to know exactly what happens afterward. The main character is the daughter of Harry Mason, when she was in the mall having a good time she ends up falling into a world of darkness, she gets trapped and her only hope to live is to find a way out of the darkness. the games story kept to the original and was told well, there was added mystery with knew characters and twists, there are new monsters making the horrors a new thrill, and the games just gets better and better. in my opinion it's the best silent hill there is, and it's definatly worth checking out.

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Beautiful and dreadful!

posted by Mariya (GOSHEN, IN) Jan 8, 2007

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A trip to the mall that changes your life! And not because you've finally got that skirt, but because- since this is Silent Hill- the world turns upside down,fills with dreadful monsters, and there is no escape. And hey, you're not some S.T.A.R.S. agent with a shotgun in your're just a 17-year old girl [wearing rather uncomfortable shoes]

I have to say that the game is just STUNNING...
let's start with the graphics. My jaw almost hit the floor when i put the game into my PSX2! Very VERY improved in comparison with SH2. And the cinematics..just stunning! The sounds..well those are gorgeous, as usual. Nothing to add.

Then comes the gameplay. Many complain that it sucks... it's hard to control Heather when you fight blaa blaa.. The controlls are not perfect..but hey, name a game which has perfect controlls..??? The controlls are OK, you just have to get used to them. It's not a disaster as some might think :/

The storyline... well as we already know[SPOILER ahead..??] it's a continuation of the first silent hill story[end of SPOILER] But still, the plot is pretty much original...with some unexpected turns and stunning moments.. it keeps you intrigued...keeps you guessing, contemplating. And this game actually EXPLAINS EVERYTHING which is a rare thing in Silent Hill games.... SH3 leaves you with the answers you've been craving for so long!

To make it short.....the game is a brilliant! It's beautiful...well-made, intriguing and of course...SCARY. So turn off the lights, lock yourself in a room and start playing...(just give your friends a spare key and ask them to check on you in the morning)

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