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Silent Hill 3

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Locations for special weapons

Upon unlocking special weapons you can find them in these places: Beam Saber: At the end of the hallway where you get the bookstore key; hanging on the door. Flamethrower-In Helen's Bakery (where you get the tongs); on the counter. Infinite Ammo Sub Machine Gun: Immediately after exiting out of the bathroom window (after the start of the game) go left; it is at the dead end. Heather Beam: After obtaining it, you always have it. You can use it when no weapon is equipped.

Extra interactive scenes

To get extra scenes while playing the game, use a memory card with at least one finished saved game file from Silent Hill 2. New interactions with some objects and new scenes will now be available. These scenes are similar or with some type of reference to the previous game. For example, Heather trying to look for something stuck into the toilet in the mall.

Unlock up to ten Extreme Action Mode games

After finishing the game in hard action mode you will unlock Extreme Action Mode 1 (an increased difficulty mode). Finish Extreme Action Mode 1 to unlock Mode 2, etc. Continue doing this until you unlock the last one, Extreme Action Mode X. If you finish this last mode you will be rewarded with the God Of Thunder T-shirt.

Heather looking dead

Equipping the God Of Thunder costume allow Heather or Cheryl to look like one of the evil Heathers in the Amusement Park.

Getting Gold and Silver Pipes

In the place where you use the dryer to kill off some tentacles, walk to the water. Make sure you do not fall and push X. Answer the questions correctly to get it.

Not getting tired

Equipping the Princess Heart or Transform costume will make Heather run long distances without getting tired.