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Silent Hill 2

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Very Good

Very frightening yet stressful

posted by EBison (SHAFTER, CA) Jun 5, 2006

Member since May 2005

Graphics - The graphics in this game are very well detailed. The atmosphere of the game portrays so much isolation, decay, pain, and darkness. The creatures in this game are just as disturbing and are more of a subconsious threat than physical one in the game.

Controls - The controls in this game are wrather lacking. It is hard to aim correctly with what ever melee weapon you are carrying. Then when used it is slow and awkward.

Sound - The sound and soundtrack in this game is just amazing. It's the sound and soundtrack in this game that gives SH2 its disturbing atmosphere and fear. It's the sound that will give the player paranoia.

Gameplay - Overall, the game itself is wrather stressful since you have to figure out the puzzles and hints yourself. If you acquire a guide online though you can get through the game wrather easier.

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Silent Hill 2

posted by A7XGamer (SPRING, TX) May 4, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 9
Gametime: about 8-12 hrs.

"You said you would take me back there someday, to our special place." That is the sentence that I think of when I remember this game. Play the game and you'll see why it's so important. Now back to the review. First off this game is scary as heck. I mean the creatures are creepy and especially the Pyramid Guy. The graphics and sound of the game really put you in a "want to get you pants scared off" mood. The fog is the highlight of the game. It make is to were you can't even see your enemy until they're right in front of you. The riddles and puzzles in the game are fun and are sometimes are to figure out. But that is what make this game so good. Game time is a little on the short side, but every second of the game is unforgettable as well is the ending of the game. Play this game you will thank yourself for doing it and will probably thank me too.

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Silent Hill 2; A Game Review

posted by Ciyrus (MARTINSBURG, WV) May 1, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

Silent Hill 2 defines what it means to be a great horror game. With a mysterious background of a man of whom recieves a letter from his dead wife, saying she is waiting for him in Silent Hill. As you play, you will watch as James Sunderland passes into the depths of the most horrifying place in the entire world: Silent Hill. He will fight through incredible odds to find his wife, no matter the cost.

But one thing stands in his way. Pyramid Head, the incantation of all of James problems comes to make James suffer. James must overcome his past to defeat the Pyramid Head and finally confront his wife, if he ever finds her.

Overall, the greatest horror survival game of all time.

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