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Silent Hill 2

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Dog Key

Finish the game with the Rebirth ending. Start a new game and a dog house will now appear near Jack's Inn and the gas station. Look inside the dog house to find the Dog Key. It is used to open the observation room in the nightmare hotel.

Hyper Spray

Finish the game two times. Start a new game to find the Hyper Spray on the south side of the motor home.

Obsidian Goblet

Finish the game. Start a new game and enter the Historical Society building. The Obsidian Goblet can be found on a shelf.

White Chrism

Finish the game. Start a new game to find White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments.

Introduction FMV sequence audio

If you wait at the title screen for awhile, the introduction FMV sequence will begin. In some scenes, there will be no audio. Finish the game one time and the audio will be restored to those scenes.

Completion bonuses

Finish the game. Start another game and enter the extra options menu to access new features. A Bullet Adjust option can be set, allowing the normal amount of ammunition found at a location to be doubled or tripled. A Noise Effect option can be toggled. Another new option can be toggled, allowing scenes to be viewed without distortion.

Additional riddle difficulty

Finish the game under the easy, normal, and hard riddle difficulty settings. Select the hard riddle difficulty again and begin a new game with a new combination of riddles.

Reveal signs

Unlock all five endings, then start a new game. All signs will now be revealed.

Chain Saw

Finish the game under the normal difficulty and normal riddle difficulty settings. Start a new game to find the Chain Saw among logs before the cemetery.