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Good remake for wii.

posted by mastercaleb2007 (LAKE ANN, MI) Jul 13, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Yes here we have Pirates for the wii!

Gameplay is addicting but has some big downfalls that make it a 7/10.

You take control of a young pirate with a missing family. Soon you get control of your own ship and can take control of the sea. The game is free roaming so you can help out any of the 4 countries claim land and sea if you wish (Spain, Dutch, France, England). Or you can just go around being a hardcaore pirate looking for tresure and ships to sink and villiges to plunder. There is also a main storyline you can follow that is fun as well.

Its a pirate game that lets you do what YOU want.
Controls are super easy to learn and fights are fun to play.
You can customize your ship and have up to 5 ships in your fleet.
Plenty of ships to play with and attack
The wind only blows west. Yet you have to sail both ways.
Sailing across the map takes a loooonnnggg time and can get boring to say the least.
Dancing with the gov daughters is a litle tricky

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A bit disappointing, but still fun

posted by LoboSix (BUDA, TX) Feb 14, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I had played the original Pirates game back in the day (on a Mac, actually) and missed the remakes. This did a good job of capturing the feel of that original game, particularly the ability to choose your own path. And sailing around the Caribbean is beautiful! However, this Wii version does control a bit poorly in some of the minigames, the motion controls feel a bit tacked on, and aren't timed very well. The bombarding is the only mini-game that really does well with the motion control (a caveat, I didn't get captured, so didn't try the lock-picking). I stumbled a bit in the dancing, which is apparently the hardest mini-game, but did better as I got the hang of it.

A bigger offense is probably the weak documentation. I benefited from having played the previous version. But, if this was your first experience, you might be a bit lost. Still, it's good fun. I don't have a PSP or Xbox, so playing this one is my chance to relive some great Pirating.

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