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Very Good

Sail the seas!

posted by MaDPimP (BARABOO, WI) Nov 8, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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Ok, Lets keep in mind that this is a remade version for the wii from what could easily be considered a "classic" video game.

That being said, the graphics are not going to be winning any art awards, but the animations and screens are bright and vibrant, and there is very little that is more satisfying then watching the ship your battling with get torn to shreds by your cannon fire!

Overall, game play is fairly simlpe but incredibly fun and addicting. With the right strategies you can quickly become one of the most famous pirates in the game while still having tons and tons of in game missions available. Admittedly, the ship battles are the funnest part of the game and are probably going to be the crux of what you do.

On the downside, the wii controls are iffy at best. As said in other reviews, a button option as opposed to the motion controls only would have been a great boon. Ive had many periods screaming at my pirate for either doing the exactly wrong thing or nothing at all, but when they're working, it can be a bit fun in the sword battles.

Overall, some slight control issues aside, this is a great addictive game with literally untold hours of game play available. A definate must rent.

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Avast ye land lubbers!

posted by RedDog1 (OAKTON, VA) Nov 3, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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Now you can set sail to plunder and make the cannons thunder!
Graphically this game is limited.
But honestly it is fun to play, you free roam and search for ships to battle and complete missions along the way as you try to go up in rank of the best pirate out there.
You go from port to prot recruiting and plundering as well as trading your stolen goods from high sea escapades.
It takes a little getting used to (control wise) because it's not like other games the creator has put out. I was honestly expecting something like other titles.
The map is a little difficult to get a grasp on since you can't navigate to far away ports on autopilot. But hey did Capt Jack Sparrow have autopilot? Oh wait that compass thing sorta was autopilot.
This game is fun to play and that's really all that should matter when it comes to a game right?
I was going to give this a 6 but decided to give it an extra point just for the dancing part lol. (my GF liked it)

RENT for sure!

BUY?? only on discount rack.

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GF Rating

Above Average

I Love Pirates! but ...

posted by StratMan (MIAMI, FL) Oct 6, 2010

Member since May 2008

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I found the Wii version challenging. I played the first version on the PC ages ago. I have the PSP version and I wanted to see if anything changed or added to the Wii version and it has.
Sword fighting is hard. Timing with the remote is awkward and lagging. I felt I was either right on, making it an easy 4 hit victory or unable to time a swing at all. I was hoping for a key assignment instead of a Wii motion but that wasn't available.
Sailing was a challenge as well since the distance perspective is very close I could see reefs and small islands but never a good distance to navigate or notice a ship or fleet ahead. The mini map was too small, making it hard to locate your position and the next.
Most of the menu and game user interface seemed hard to either read or understand the icon. I had an advantage since I knew the game and all of the game play and options are the same. So for first time Pirates! players you will enjoy the game. For die-hard fans, don't expect any new items, better play or added bonus. I felt it was a rehash done on a different platform. IMO rent the PSP version and you will not be disappointed since you can play it on the go ...

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