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Very Good

This Game Is Great!!!!!!!!!

posted by Myself234 (CLEARFIELD, UT) Oct 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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I loved this game, it's a game I would buy, but only if it was 10 bucks, because I would like to have done more with it. I got bored after playing a full life-time in the game, it's quite easy to get the hang of, but even when you think you might have it, there's a little more you can do, for example, when you dance with the governor's daughters, instead of just pushing the button it tells you to push, once. You can spin and twirl and whatever when you push the button to the beat. Sword fighting, also has its special moves, double hits and special dodge moves, interactions with buckets on deck, and cane looking things that you throw, this game has been done very well, sailing, it felt like I was actually there, I liked option of birds eye or the behind the ship view, it was a nice touch. pillaging towns was cool, BUT there was only a select few you could attack, the main ports, you couldn't make one of them your hide out, or make them YOUR towns, they had to be in allegiance to one of the main nationalities, spain, dutch, english, or french, no PIRATE TOWN UNDER YOUR RULE option, which would have been nice. Finding buried treasure, searching ancient ruins for a SHLOAD of gold, finding maps(or peices of them), all of the items you can aquire, and the different levels of each, gaining ranks from the different nations, escort missions, immigrants and peace treaties. Breaking out of jail, sneaking into town, knocking out guards that get in your way. Crew and their morale, or the lack there of, they'll even steal your ships, when its been too long before you've divied up the plunder, trading, HMMM, there is so much to do in this game, if you haven't played this game, you probably should, it's a TERRIFIC game, it even has a multiplayer option for four player ship battling, It would have been cool if you could co-op in the actual game controlling different ships, but I guess that wasn't thought of, all well, PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Mutiny on boredom

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Apr 20, 2006

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2006

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Sid Meier is famous for turn-based strategy, so I wasn't sure what to expect from Pirates. And I can say with utmost certainty, it is not a turn-based strategy game. But that's okay, because it happens to be a great adventure title unlike anything you'll see on a platform. Imagine living the life of a pirate, through the mutiny, the swashbuckling, the sacking of rich towns and the sinking of various trading vessels. Such is the world of Pirates. From the moment you set sail, you have very little to guide you except your sense of adventure. You can duel famous pirates and keep their prize vessels, dance with the governor's daughter and destabilize power in the Caribbean by turning various colonies over to the French, English, Spanish or Dutch. Since you are essentially living in a lifetime, you will eventually succumb to age and be forced to retire. And this is where I felt short-changed. I wanted to do more in a lifetime. But it did give me reason to play through again. There are a lot of reasons to play through multiple times, making it an addictive little sandbox of a game that will keep you engaged for many, many hours.

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posted by PaleHorse (MOBILE, AL) Jun 23, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Great game. I would say especially for the kids, but I don't have any over 9months yet. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and would let my daughter play if she were old enough to use the controller.

This is a solid game, and fun. Don't expect it to be something its not though. If you looking for great dialog, and intense sword play that pushes the limits of your console then this is the wrong place to look, but if your looking for loads of good clean swashbuckling fun, then you have come to the right place. It is a very basic game, very similar to the original Pirates made for very old PCs. Of course it has been tweaked a little, but mainly they just brought back the classic.

have fun...

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