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Gets old fast

posted by Arshus (GREENWOOD, IN) Jun 26, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

In Revolution there is an abundance of game here. Tons of scenarios to put you through your paces for sure. Lots of building, upgrading, defending, befriending, waring, exploring. There is an interesting upgrading tree design that made this title really interesting and kept you on your toes for sure. Learn this to unlock that. Learn that to continue on your path of either being peaceful, educated, military sound, religious, governmental the list goes on. Each time you learn something new you can create buildings such as courthouses, cathedrals, libraries and so forth. Create wonders like the Great Wall, the Pyramids, and much later in the game the Apollo program. Yep there is a small tid bit of space in this game. Which lead to how you achieve victory. From making a lot of money which leads you to make the World Bank or Conquering so many cities that you make the United Nations, there is the Technology victory which is how you get to space and the last one is weird. There are hidden places like Atlantis and important people. Einstein, Agamemnon to name a few. Acquire them all thats another victory.
Civ is not the best looking game. The characters are The Sims like. When they speak its the babble and word salad. Comical at times but mostly it gets old. Animations are cartoonish but enjoyable at first but again it gets old.
Music and sound fx are repetitive and get old. Seeing a pattern here?
Controls are weak. I wanted to zoom in to the citys' to see them in better detail. Nope. Same for battles which were also weak and lame. Units have a Attack score and a Defensive score. There are buffs like defending from an elevated position, to being veterans, a few others. Very simplistic.
On a close. This title does have some entertaining qualities. Not much however. Not enough for my cash. With games like Romance, old school FF Tactics, even The Sims and the Tycoon games. Any of which cheap and more value. Thanks for your time. Game On.

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GF Rating


copy of ios game

posted by rgapen423 (FRONTENAC, KS) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This was almost an exact copy of the iOS game and I can not figure out why they thought this would work.

I have been a Civilization fan forever, and I was excited when I got Civ Revolution on my iPad the port of the game worked great with a touch interface. even though it was understandably less detailed as far as game mechanics.

But I honestly expected with the horse power of the PS3 that a lot of those options that had been removed on iOS would be back on the PS3 they are not. this is a shell of the PC version not even on the same playing field it is a complete waste of a bluray as it does not even use a fraction of the horse power the PS3 has available.

They did improve a lot of the graphics on the PS3 but the entire point of civilization is ruling a civilization without the proper options available to you there is no point in this game this is a easy bake oven or a Lego set, of the civilization series.

It does not even challenge the brain. you might as well head over to your iPad because this is the exact same game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

8.5 for sure

posted by Lurch129 (BRADNER, OH) Aug 2, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

I've spent many hours on this game. If you like strategy games I definitely recommend this game. It is a little bit cartoony but that is one of only 2 things wrong with it. I loved the characters they chose as options for leaders. The game-play is smooth and long just as you would expect it to be. (Which I'll talk more about later in the review)

Civilization games are great games but the one characteristic they all share can deter you is the length of the games. I've played 8 hour games on this. So if you don't have the time for this game and don't like to chop up your game-play you can stop reading now because this game is probably not going to be for you. For those of you who would not allow this to hinder your opinion of the game, there are lots of positive characteristics.

You can save and come back to the game later in the same exact spot where you left off. There are some very creative ways to win the game, for example: A Science win, Culture win, or Imperialism win. The variety of maps is astounding. You start to wonder if you'll ever play the same map twice. The biggest plus for me is the variety in game-play. Just so many possible ways to win on so many different maps. The possibilities seem to be endless on this game.

Now, the reason that I gave it an 8.5 is because I've played Civilization 5 and it's just astounding and blows this one out of the it would most others. If you haven't played Civilization before this is a good one to start out on. It'll teach you the ropes relatively easy and you'll be on your way to domination of the game. If you get really good you can get the cheat to unlock GOD mode but, it wont be easy I promise you.
Good luck!

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