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Win an easy victory

If you want to win an easy domination or any other type of victory, first start out as the Chinese or the French, or anyone else that starts with Masonry, Writing, Pottery, or Alphabet. Then, as soon as the game starts, go to the diplomacy panel and research these four secrets. When you have researched them all, you will get mathematics. Research it. Meanwhile, as soon as you have three warrior units built, build some settlers, then a galley, then more warriors. Use your three warriors to explore all around you and make peace with everyone. DO NOT trade them any knowlege. Use your galley to look for atlantis and other secrets. You may not find any, but don't worry. Use settlers to build as many cities as possible. Try to keep them away from enemy cities to avoid a conversion. You will usually have a little stretch of land that is all yours, so build on that. Build roads, too, but only enough to keep your units moving, when you have researched mathematics, build catapults, and lots of them. Form armies and move on the most technologically advanced civ's (this will usually be China, Egypt, and Greece). Move at least two armies to Greece every time. Their Hoplites can be very annoying. All other civs will only have an archer army or two. Take them all out except for the weakest. This will be there just so you can keep playing. Take it out for a Domination victory. Or, ignore it and EXPAND. Build a city in every corner and island. Change all the citie's focus to gold if you want an economical victory, or science for a quick technology victory. Focus them on either for a cultural victory, and tell each of them to build a different wonder. And before you know it, you have an easy, and potentially quick, victory.

Quick Adavantage as Aztecs

Because the Aztecs start with a small amount of Gold it allows them an early advantage over other Civs. As soon as you start he game andd found your first city go to the city screen and rush production of your first Jaguar Warriors. You will then be the only Civ with any units. You can then quickly seek out the nearest civ and walk in to take over their Capital.