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Shrek Superslam


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great, but no super smash bros. By Loozur

posted by Loozur (GASTONIA, NC) Jun 7, 2009

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I like what shrek is doing, making their own versions of hit games. (shrek super party shrek race etc.) but i always know they're not gonna be as good, but i still rent them and very much enjoy them. I fully expected this game not to be as good as super smash but i still very much enjoyed this game, the graphics are beautiful, the point system is confusing, the gameplay is great, the storyline is NOT how you beat the game, and this game is DEFINITELEY not worth a replay. shrek should've done what super smash did - make the game 2-D but still awesome yet simple. unlike in super smash the characters do not have equal strength, ( in super smash they made all the characters about equal) Like if you hit someone with "Red Riding Hood" they are'nt going to move. But with "Black Knight" the opponent's going to go flying across the board. i would've given this game an "8" if the storyline was'nt completeley stupid and pointless. the storyline is'nt even how you beat this game! The challenge mode is. I played until i got all the characters and some of the boards. Overall I would reccomend this game to someone who wants to prove their strength to their buddies, because if you get slammed ( slam= special move) you completeley lose control and get smashed through walls and stuff. my favorite part of this game was countering my opponents attacks, like if they throw a chair at me i can bounce it back at them or grab it out of the air which is really fun to show off. so you should probably try this game before you turn it down. (if you are going to rent this game please play super smash first.)
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Shrek Superslam

posted by Legoboy10 (VISALIA, CA) Jun 25, 2006

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This is the second time I've rented this game from Gamefly. The first one didn't work because it was all scratched up and I sent it back. When I rented it for the second time, it kept saying that it couldn't read the disk and the disk had really deep scratches in it. I don't know if I'm going to rent it again from Gamefly or maybe I'll go to Blockbuster!

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shrek superslam

posted by yvdodd (HOLLYWOOD, FL) Aug 28, 2009

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Game would not load. Game system could not find disk. Sending it back after several attempts to load.

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