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shiren is starvin

posted by fringer (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Jul 26, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

I couldnt find where to buy any food in the village. Ridiculous. So my guys are dying of starvation constantly. Also the movement is choppy and annoying. Legend of zelda NES is better, imho.

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Pay no mind to the average review rating

posted by RMLDS1 (MESA, AZ) Jun 22, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game is more of a Cult Classic. It is an import from a very successful series in Japan. That being said we Americans are wusses when it comes to difficulties in our games. "Normal" in this game should be considered "HardCore". Each time you start you have no items and must grind to get them again. "Easy" allows you to keep your items but make sure you always have an escape scroll handy.

Also this game is not a dungeon crawler but more along the lines of a Tactics. It is turn by turn you move and your allies move then the enemy. You can take control directly of your allies and switch between them easily or give them standing orders on what you want them to do.

The story is quite interesting using time travel of 1,000 years and in between, to alter the present. The music while basic stays true to its roots. It also doesn't detract from the game. The graphics for the system they are on are great.

In short this game is not for casual players. The Average review sadly does not take into account that many probably got this game for an RPG and not a tactics well worth the rent.

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Boring gameplay like Chocobo Dungeon

posted by jrafanel (TWIN FALLS, ID) May 13, 2010

Member since Apr 2007

If you have played Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon and thought it was boring, this game is the same premise for turn-based fighting. you might think OMG TIME TRAVEL IS SO COOL HOW COULD THIS GAME NOT BE GOOD? If you can stand it to get that far it might be, but 20 minutes in after I figured out it is a level/floor based dungeon game like FF Chocobo Dungeon I put it in the gamefly envelope and sent it back.

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