Rent Shinobi for PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat Boss 6B

If you can wait until the Boss lets out the seven little heads, kill them to get a full powered Akujiki. Then, just slash the Boss once and he will die.

How to beat the last Boss

Attack the crows (the things which shoot out fireballs). Wait until you have about eight crows at once. When you defeat the crows, you should have a pink waves around it. Attack him when you reach that level. Any other color will result in no effect. Keep doing this and you should defeat him.

How to beat Bosses

A rather easy way to defeat any Boss in the game is to wait until seven or more of their helpers have been summoned. Basically, when you see eight or more of those orbs at the top right hand side of the screen, perform Tate and any Boss in the game will die. REMEMBER: You will not get seven or more minions to spawn at certain Bosses, such as the two helicopters and the giant spider at 3B.

Level 1B Hidden message

When you start fighting the Boss in this level, you will see a big sign with lighted letters that read "SKILL UP". When you start fighting the Boss, look at the sign again. The "S" and "P" will burn out and fall off, and the sign will say "KILL U".

Level 2B Secret area

When you start the level, there will be a building to the left of you. Go next to it, then do a double jump and a speed dash over it. In there are two Hellspawn and two small "birdhouses" with something in each.