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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Demon Codes

Enter the following code.

  • High Level Hare of Inaba
  • Megami Ishtar (Level 51 Light-Law Demon)
    On line one enter: ISHTAR FIGHTS -- On line two enter: TAMMUZ ANGELS
Demon Codes

Enter the following password

    Unlock Black Sun, Alciel
  • TRUSTIN SCALY ------ ------
    Unlock Cabracan
  • Special Password+Chaos
    Unlock Demonica-C
  • Special Password+Law
    Unlock Demonica-L
  • Special Password+Neutral
    Unlock Demonica-N
  • A toasty frog
    Unlock Heqet
  • You can't laugh OR cry now!
    Unlock Jack Frost
  • Left hand freeze Right hand shock
    Unlock Koppa Tengu
  • Prophecy of wind
    Unlock Mothman
  • Thick red skin
    Unlock Oni
  • Madoka Ueno
    Unlock Pixie L01
  • Yu Namba
    Unlock Promethius L57
  • summon smt.queen
    Unlock Queen of the Faeries, Titania
  • Soothing ice
    Unlock Silky
    Unlock Yatagarasu L59