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Legendary game.

posted by stone1 (CLINTON, IA) Sep 2, 2013

Member since Feb 2010

If you have any interest in JRPGs this is probably the best game you can play right now. Not only is this the most stylistic game I have played in awhile it, is remains fresh and original. The gameplay doesn't get boring, how you progress through the Tarturas is engaging and immersive giving you a lot of control of how the pace of your journey goes and just doesn't happen in any genre. The Tarturas is a giant tower that cause a lot of monsters called shadows to appear. The shadow only appear in the time between midnight and 1AM called the Dark Hour. After midnight the world changes, the world turns green, shadows appear and normal people appear in coffins that protect them form the shadow. If these people are actually awake during the Dark Hour and is not in a coffin the shadow attack them and they turn into shells of their former self, stealing their humanity away from them. So its up to you and your team of Persona users to climb Taturas and stop the shadows. What I love about Tarturas is that each day at midnight you get your squad together and venture into the tower. If you spend awhile in the tower your characters can grow tiered or sick, you have to balance your social life, Tarturas, sleeping, and studying. It makes you feel in control and gives you a lot to do. To power up your persona (basically your psych turning into a power ranger robot that let you fight shadows) you must establish bonds with people. All the groups and people you interact with are completely optional and you don't have to talk to anyone but the characters are so well written its hard to want to talk to them. If you have heard anything about Persona you know that the characters play a very important part in every game. Each character is masterfully written and develops over time. The voice acting is very good except with a few exceptions like Fuuta, the chairman and the girl that bullied Fuuta. If you love JRPGs, a great story, and amazing characters this is the best you can get.

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An excellent remake

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Oct 28, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

"Persona 3" was great on the PS2, and it's still great on the PSP! A wealth of new material - including new characters, new Social Links, some improvements carried over from "Persona 4", and the ability to play through the entire story as a female protagonist - all makes this portable rendition of the acclaimed RPG a must-have for series fans. The social aspect of the game seems a little less vibrant, just because you don't actually control your character onscreen during these segments anymore. Interaction with characters and objects is now conducted via a sort of point-and-click interface (move the cursor onto the character with whom you'd like to speak, and press the X button). Still, this does little to detract from the overall charm for which "Persona 3" is known.

If you've never played "Persona 3", this is as good a way as any to experience it. If you have played "Persona 3", there's way more than enough here to justify a return to the epic adventure.

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posted by Fayet (DIXON, IL) Dec 14, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

This is my first Shin Megami game that i have played and I was able to jump right in. The story is very well told, but predictable at parts. The characters drew me in more like all good characters in games do. I am not that far in, but I definitely love how its going. The part that I think is the best is that you spend the game between the real world and "The Dark Hour". So you spend your time as a regular student leveling up your social links and making yourself stronger. Then at night you go and adventure. So far I have no complaints about this game. I would recommend this game to any one who is a RPG fan or someone who just wants to try something new and different.

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