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This game is WONDERFUL!

posted by hi122neo (SPRINGTOWN, TX) Jul 13, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I bought P3P the day it came out. I'm a huge RPG fan, but I've never played Persona. As I don't have a PS2 anymore, I thought I'd try P3P.

The story involves people who can use things called "Personas". In order to activate said Persona, they have to shoot them self in the head with what looks like a gun. The characters are all wonderful, and the game has awesome dialogue . For my story rating, I'm going to give it a 9/10, because the story it's self is a bit predictable, but still entertains.

There are two "worlds" in the game. One is the regular world, where you go to school and socialize with people. This "world" plays out like a Japanese visual novel; it's mostly dialogue with a few instances of moving around a cursor to get from place to place. If you've ever played Japanese visual novels, you should be okay with this. The second world, called Tartarus, plays like a dungeon crawler. It's all randomly generated, so it never feels the same. The battle system is traditionally turn-based, but you have the option on how many people you want to control. If you want to control everybody but 1 person, you can. For the gameplay, I rate it 10/10. I love visual novels and turn-based RPG's, so this is perfect for me.

The 3D rendered characters look smooth, and the 2D art is great. It's all anime styled, in case you haven't realized that already. Since I love anime, the graphics get a 10/10.

The music has a pretty huge variety; there's some Jazz, some J-rock and J-pop, and even a little bit of classical. The voice acting is good, and the voices fit the characters well. Sound is going to get a 10/10.

Yes, P3P DOES have some flaws. No game is PERFECT, but this is pretty close. Great gameplay, decent story, awesome music... If you love RPGs, then Persona 3 Portable is a MUST GET. Renting it is okay too, but if you love Persona, buy it.

For overall, the game gets a 10/10. It is wonderfully wonderful.

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GF Rating


Truly Amazing

posted by Kazaki (PROSPECT HEIGHTS, IL) Aug 7, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I rented this game, and within 30 minutes of game play I decided, that I was going to keep it. This isn't my first Shin Megami Series, but I did not play the PS2 original.

Story: The story is very deep and interesting. There are several characters that you can meet and become involved with, and the plot is simply amazing. The story involves a separate world, referred to as, "The Dark Hour." It being the last hour of the day, that only certain people can see, and shadows(monsters) run amok. You can also choose to play as a male or female for your main character.

Graphics: For a PSP game, the graphics are really good. Not the best I've seen on the system, but very well close to it. During battle you have 3D graphics, and everywhere else is beautiful anime-like 2D graphics.

Music: The music is awesome. Simply put, I liked all of the themes and didn't find any of them irritating.

Game Play: This is where this game absolutely shines. The battle system is pretty simple and somewhat basic. It is a turn based RPG, but it includes a lot of features for you. The social link system being one of these, where you build and strengthen relationships with various characters that you meet throughout the game. There are quests that you can undertake for rewards, dates you can go on, midterms that you have to study for, and etc. The amazing part of the game play is, it's a mix of simple RPG turn based combat with somewhat of a dating sim mix. Now dating sim is probably the wrong term to use, but you have to balance your school life, and your "Dark Hour" life. There really is too much to explain about the game play, but trust me you will not be disappointed.

Overall: With awesome graphics and even better game play I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes RPG's. There are so many things to do, and ways to go through the game, and it has a New Game+ where you get a new dungeon to explore, and bosses to fight.

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Unique And Amazing Game

posted by coolio86 (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Jul 28, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is based on the concept of using a gun that doesn't shoot bullets called an evoker. The evoker is used to release beings called Personas. This is a completely new and unique concept. With each skill used in battle, the character shoots themself in the head to use their Persona. The main character is supposed to be you. The story is very deep and interesting. This game has amazing battle music and boss battle music. You have the choice to choose between the male character and the female character. The male character will allow you to play the game the very closely to the way it's played in the original. The female main character allows to have a different on the game and all of its characters. Unlike most RPGs, the game isn't entirely about becoming stronger. Half of the game you level up in a dungeon and the other half you get closer to people in your dorm and at school by forming social links. These are a very interesting part of the game, but it takes a guide if you want to max them (especially on first playthrough). New game+ carries over the main characters level, all armor, all weapons, all accessories and Personas. On new game+ you get access to a new dungeon. There are three optional bosses in the game and the final boss in the storyline is like nothing you have ever seen before. The story and the way the characters interact with you really pull you into the game and make you feel like your a part of the experience. This game will really blow you away. There a few (and I mean very few) gripes I have about this game. In a new game+ you will have to level up all your party members so that they can fight and you have to start your social links all over again, but one thing that is really awesome about this game is that if you never played Persona 3 before, you can play as the male character and then do a New Game+ as the female character once you finish it for the first time. Its worth a 2nd playthrough after your 1st one if u want to play as the girl

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