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Great game sporting a hard-to-find storyline

posted by Efaw0006 (WINTER PARK, FL) Sep 28, 2006

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I loved this game. I mean seriously. It bring lots of new or rarely used gameplay options to the single-player RPG genre. Now, this is the first Digital Devil game that I have ever played so some of the stuff I'm awed by might be old news to those that know the saga.

1. You can switch your demon powers to adjust your special abilities as you wish. When you want an ice power, you can get an ice power. Follow that up with a healing power, or fire power... whatever you wish.
2. You can capture or convince your enemies to join you. If successful they will fight along side you in battle until...
3. You can combine your demons at a shrine and create new creatures. Two demons become one... and using this method you can create some totally neat demons you haven't even seen in the game yet.

The graphics were very good, and the effects were awesome.

My gripe is that its not always easy to know where to go next to advance the story. There is no quest log or anything you can check... so lots of times your just running around to every place you can think of hoping you hit a checkpoint.

I gave this game a seven out of ten. Excellent RPG with some nice features, but the story will have you running in circles. This is a game that may force you to use an online walkthrough.

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Totally Awesome....

posted by Koujin (TUCSON, AZ) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

9 out of 13 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Ok, You might have heard this game is "The Demon Version Of Pokémon" But its a whole different thing. The Story in this game is Very Deep and will keep you On your Feet. But I warn you! This game is very Hard! and you will have to Level yourself to beat boss battles and Such. For my Final Word, I would give this.

Pro:Beautiful Game! its so awesome and its only for the True RPG Fans and you can Fuse Monsters together to get better Monster.....tell me that isn't awesome? only Cons are that The Difficulty is Hard, and you can't change it
It would also have been Good if they had SOME voice acting, but I can understand because when this was made, PS2 games didn't really have Voice Acting.

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this is my 5 th game

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) May 31, 2008

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all has the shin megami tensei.. i started to see the similarities. if you play games from Shin megami tensei before then it wouldn't be any surprise for you. Howerver, in this game, you have the ability recruit demons to join your party (up to 184). Unlike Digital Devil saga, there's little or no voice over in this game. The game is turned based, party of 4, ability to customize your main character' stats after leveling up. This is a good game for fan of RPGs. It's worth a rental.

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