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Still Devil Survivor, with some nice additions.

posted by Dobiedobie (GLENDALE, CA) Dec 14, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I didn't initially realize this is just Devil Survivor with voicing added. While the gameplay is fun and the scenes of Tokyo are excellent, for the Final Fantasy Tactics style RPG. I've always had a tough time with this kind of game and putting Overclocked on Easy mode doesn't seem to help much. I still find myself getting stomped over and over again, no matter how many times I change strategies. The voice dialogue is excellent and if you enjoyed the original Devil Survivor, this adds a little freshness to it.

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Devil Survivor Overclocked the unsung gem

posted by SaitoHei (EAST PROVIDENCE, RI) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Devil Survivor Overclocked is more or less a rehashing of the original Devil Survivor with additional content. The major differences between the games would be the polished and brighter in game sprites (Though little improvements in graphics as a whole) and the inclusion of English and Japanese voice actors which help break down the walls of text. The game takes place over the course of seven days or potentially eight days, you and your friends Yuzu and Atsuro will be trying to survive a mass lockdown of Tokyo, trapped inside with blood thirsty demons all the while trying to uncover the truth behind the incident. During the 8-12 hours of this game you will be participing all manner of battles from main story, to optional, to grinding battles. This game does require a bit of grinding but honestly, not all too much compared to some, and it uses a fairly simple combat system so it even accommodates to casual rpg players. All in all, the game has enough alternate paths and endings to keep the game fresh and new upon replays and it's nice to see how drastically the endings will become depending on the choices you made the days prior. There are plenty of demons for you to summon, 100+, and they come with Magic skills, passive skills, racial skills or just mad skills in general. This game is amazing and if you like Persona series I'd seriously considering picking up this great 3DS title.

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Above Average

Why you should not Overclock

posted by rogenjemi (PLAINVILLE, CT) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

After a few months of digging, I finally arrived a some of the 3DS titles I put on my Q. This must have been some poor juggling on my part, as I seem to recall this DS RPG port being described as a "launch title" for the new system. And therein lies the problem: how to judge this fairly, being previously exposed to Atlus's ambitious DS TRPG.
The simple truth is this: If you played the original, you have absolutely no reason to insert this into your 3DS, unless you absolutely ADORED the DS title, with the minor exception of that title's voiceless, all-text script.
If you did not play the original, you should only play this game if you are a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei universe, but somehow did not have the opportunity to play it out on your Nintendo DS system. Because the reality is that the uninformed consumer who is/was looking to purchase their first RPG for the 3DS system has only sorrow and disappointment in their future.
In Conclusion, it is only that truly small subset of people (or two, counting the voice actor purists) that will receive both anything & the most that this title has to offer. Everyone else will only suffer in their attempt to survive the experience.

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