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Didn't get far enough to judge

posted by neeven2 (CHARLOTTE, NC) May 23, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

It is my opinion that games like this are more movie/story than play. I watched/read this game for about 20 minutes, then got to fight for about 5 minutes. Then more watching/reading. If you have played "Catherine", the way the story is presented is pretty much the same. The fighting reminds me of old Street Fighter type games. There could be more to it, but that is as far as I got.

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Very Good

Some slight misconceptions about an excellent game

posted by BFP (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) May 3, 2013

Member since May 2013

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There might be some confusion upon this, so let me get the big one out of the way -- Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is NOT a new game, but instead a 3DS redux of a previously Japan-only Shin Megami Tenshi (or SMT for short) title for the Sega Saturn and PS1 from the late 90's. As such, comparing it to newer games is somewhat unfair - sacrilegious anyhow, given that SMT titles are notoriously difficult anyway, but still somewhat silly.

Overall, the 3D functionality is used well in the first-person dungeon-crawling (when my twenty-something eyes can stand to look at it) and adding some depth perception, but nothing hugely innovative. Characters are memorable, and the new voice acting is excellent - definitely a high-point for the game! Also, the Hack system works nicely to mix things up, forcing the player to pick and choose what they want instead of just giving everything to them on a silver platter like so many games do today.

Just to note, the game is QUITE difficult (this is an SMT title after all), and some grinding and strategy is required. It -is- a mid-90's RPG after all, so for those who know their games it shouldn't be a surprise that DS:SH can kick the player in the shins and never let up if they aren't paying attention. The 'save anywhere' Hack is a -huge- help at times.

However, given that this -is- a redux of an older game, the graphics are similarly a step backwards - which is painfully clear in the dungeons' plainly-mapped walls - but that's a small price to pay for what is considered a classic. Even the old-school CG cutscenes look quite good for a nearly-twenty year old game. Just wish the dungeons weren't so butt-ugly.

Overall, the lack of additional extras is the only thing really holding SMT DS:SH back from being solid gold. Wish there was something like the extra dungeons added to the PSP remake of Persona 2, but one can't have everything, I guess. If you own and miss those RPGs that had some muscle behind them, then get this game!

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Very Good

Count on old school. pretty good game for its time

posted by tyrial (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 23, 2013

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Too many people compare this game to current generation.
It delivers exactly what it says it does. old school gameplay.

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