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Shift 2 Unleashed: Need for Speed


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Almost makes you forget about the first Shift.

posted by RogueWRX (LONE TREE, CO) Mar 31, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

26 out of 35 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

This game has a ton of potential, but it falls just slightly short of the mark. The physics and graphics are amazing, the customization is alright, it could definitely be a lot more in depth. Changing the color of your car seems to be a lot more complicated than it needs to be. And there aren't enough races. But other than that, it is definitely worth the rent. The helmet cam feature takes some getting used to, but once you do, it makes the racing feel so much better and realistic. As you go into a turn, the helmet cam will turn to look toward the apex of the turn, as you would in real racing.
The drifting is a lot harder. Still fun, but definitely a challenge.

In the end, I am glad that I rented Shift 2, but I am saving my money for Dirt 3 when it comes out to buy.

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Don't miss out on this one!

posted by RUSHv4 (CARROLLTON, TX) Mar 29, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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Shift 2 is like no racing game you have ever played. Straddling the line between sim and arcade racer, this game is one that you must play. The innovative helmet-cam, while it takes a little time to get used to is one of the best and most realistic you have ever seen. Car interiors are top notch, and car physics are majorly improved since its predecessor. The sense of speed and drama while driving keeps you on your toes throughout each race. If you like Forza and Grand Turismo you will like this game on the elite difficulty but the AI isn't as polite, so you really have to fight to win each race. It also has tons of customization for you car from tuning to vinyls. Although its not a true sim, It's gritty art style and attention to every detail make this game feel so real, just like they advertise. This is real racing!

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Very Good

So close to being perfect

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) Apr 1, 2011

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The bad: inconsistent collision physics, and an odd assortment of cars to choose from.

The good: gorgeous graphics, incredible attention to detail, and the involvement of actual racers to give a feeling of authenticity.

Shift 2 is a technically incredible game; the attention to detail at every level is amazing. From the different tracks, to the cars, to the air vents and dashboards you can see from the interior camera views, you can see the effort put into this game.

When you first start, the game gives you a few practice laps to gauge your driving skill, and adjusts your settings (like difficulty and brake assist, which you can always change later.) Novices and experts alike can pick up the game and get right to playing.

The car customization is where the casual and gearhead gamers get separated; you can change simple aesthetics like car color or body kits, or go all out and play with engine settings and gear ratios.

The car selection is odd; while a large number of manufacturers are represented, many only have one car available to purchase.

The game's major frustrations (for me, anyway) come from what feels like inconsistent collision physics. Many times, slamming into another car (accidentally or intentionally) leaves your vehicle swerving out of control, with little to no effect on the other vehicle. Good driving is also sometimes punished, as I've seen cars pass me driving on terrain that would normally cripple my car's performance. Sometimes, a single mistake can be all it takes to guarantee failure.

It's a shame, because if it wasn't so frustrating, it would be a blast to play. You have standard races, time attack, drifting events - there's something for everyone in here, as long as you have the patience to play through it.

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