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Shift 2 Unleashed: Need for Speed


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Very Good

well its more good than bad

posted by mattso55 (GRIFFIN, GA) Jul 15, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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the game is very good at doing what its meant to which is driving but i have 2 problems with this game
1. no music with the races
i love to play music with races and the soundtrack is amazing and epic but you hear it only at the menu screens
2. complicated
if your a person who 1 cant see very well (like me) and dosent really under stand what part does what for a car you may get confused but you could go by the stats when customizing but i dont like not knowing what im doing.
but everything is amazing with this game graphics are top notch driving is realistic. its a good game i would say its a buy or at lease a rent.
WARNING:if you dont have patience with driving or refuse to brake you may not like this game at all

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GF Rating

Very Good

What (a?) Frustration(s) !??!?!?!

posted by TheReviewer (EAGLE CREEK, OR) Jun 25, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Before i played shift 2 i played the first shift, i was incredibly disappointed with how difficult and how non-fun it was to play. Most things in the game weren't explained and there just seemed to be something in the game that wanted you to get mad and fail.

So naturally i would be "iffy" about renting the second game. but wow, never have i played a game that was in a series that emphasized so much on making it better. First of all most things are explained in the game, like Drifting, you get to practice on a cone course with the narrator telling you what to do. After a few hours of frustrating practice (it's normal) i finally got it and now can drift easily(every now and then).
unlike the first one where your thrown into an event and fail.

I am very satisfied with this game, they made so many improvements and new features that "it almost makes you forget about the first shift".

Added content is like helmet and cockpit cam, Night racing, Newer cars.

Improvements is the tutorial style, AI (less agressive but still stingy), Racing maps have gravel, asphalt, etc., The car is less bumpy when you drive.

Honestly give this game a try and i can promise you that if you put some time into it you'll be very satisfied.

Also this is one of the few racing games to have the Bugatti Veyron =D but its 1.7 million lol....

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Not as good as Shift 1 in areas that count

posted by DnaAngel (GREENVILLE, SC) Aug 8, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

First of all im a long lived fan of the NFS series, ever since Need for speed SE..and i was a big fan of Shift. My gripes and complains on the first one i was hoping to have improved in the second one. Lets start with the negatives. Comparing the all around sound of the first one to this i was dissapointed engine sounds seem more muffled with FX sounds amped up..EA raved about how good the graphics were gonna be in the 2nd installment yet even with my 28" 1080p monitor playing in 1080p i cannot really tell a difference between the first. on a lighter note. Car selection is improved. The Helmet Cam is okay. glad to see more tuning options but hampered with the new Performance Index copied almost exactly from Forza 3. Glad to see the exclusion of the Star System which IMO made shift 1 redundant after about 20% into the game since all cars/tracks and tiers are unlocked because u acquire stars at a super fast rate right from the get go. Nice Autolog integration even though im not a fan of online play ( and yes i pay for Xbox Live) im still a old school gamer and get more into the single player aspect of a game which is dying out since most games are now tailored to multiplayer and tend to water down and chop up the single player aspect of the game..Halo Reach Anyone? All-in all i cannot really say if this is an Improvement over the first. To me its just an updated version nothing really new to me. Shift 2 feels more like a large DLC Content add on to Shift 1 then a completely different game

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