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Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy


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GF Rating

Very Good

Challenging but not harsh.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Nov 2, 2009

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I like the in game helps and clues. When I get completely stuck I just look in my notebook and folders and can usually figure it out. The game is realistic to the character, too. Sherlock Holmes is all about the little(seemingly insignificant) details and so is the game. You have to look and explore every little thing including the ceiling in some cases.

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GF Rating


good, but too short!

posted by magpie26 (WEST DANVILLE, VT) Aug 13, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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I bought this game two days after it came out, I am a huge Prof. Layton fan and this game was a pretty good substitute while I was waiting for the next Prof. L. to come out. It has a help section, which is helpful and good, but you can use it whenever you want and so you can basically beat the game fast using the help section. I did enjoy it, but I wish it was a longer game, it only took me a few hours to beat.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Sherlock? I presume not

posted by RavynChloe (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Feb 1, 2010

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Let me begin by saying that I think this game is great example of why GameFly is so amazing. I had glanced at this game a couple times but felt it was definitely a rental and after plying it confirmed this hypothesis.

The gameplay is average. You move around the game either using the stylus or the directional pad (DP is much easier than stylus) searching for clues or parts of puzzles. Most mystery games like this that I have played clues are typically highlighted or offset slightly. In this game it was easy to miss clues even when scanning slowly and carefully.
Overall: Pretty average as mystery games go.

The voice acting sounds like amateur work. Sherlock has a high obnoxious voice that would better suit a cackling villian. The rest of the cast perform their lines as if doing a first read through, lacking emotion. Overall: mediocre is too kind.

The puzzles in the game are actually pretty good though challenging with all the running around; at the end of the day rather enjoyable to solve. There were few puzzles I had trouble with, though adding a little more explanation to them would be nice.
Overall: Good.

The visual look of the game is good. Everything looks very Victorian, though you only really roam the one house. A couple parts ended up looking a little faded, though you can adjust the brightness and such in the game.
Overall: Great

All things considered the game is a quick play and best with the volume on mute while listening to some classical music. Apparently it is a port of a PC game but the sound needed more remixing for the small DS speakers. The replay value of this is low which is why it makes a great rental.
Overall : C-, rent it.

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