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GF Rating



posted by Roy_Hitsugaya (PUEBLO, CO) Jun 18, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The graphics were ok in the aspect as they served the games purpose but the whole 2D graphics were lacking. if your thinking about running an organized little plot of land, forget it! This game serves for no organization. Between random animal attacks and your own livestock vegitables will never survive unless fenced off. on the plus side the hunts you can partake in offer a challanging variaty not seen in any other farming games... the storyline is bland and not very descriptive as in telling you your goal and it is almost impossible to creat a farm that can handle itself and after a while you notice some livestock and goods become obsolete and things get so craped you can move... this game needs some sort of impovement, personaly if you looking for calming farm-style game on psp... pick a harvest moon it will offer a much more enjoyable experience... and even with all this negativity i will admit the dog hunts were fun but the actual gameplay was too complex without any improvement through out the game... you can only cary 3 items at a time and relize that if only you could carry more things would be simpler... the seasons get confusing and make things worse... if you want a bunny farm (though their cute) you will struggle when its the season were nothing grows or at the begining of the new grpwth season when stuff just starts... and when you get a food item the villagers tell you of meals to make or how to make clothing but you dont actualy get to and money does't exist so extra crops and livestock become meaningless... overall not the best game and close to the worst!

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GF Rating



posted by tiredrhino (TALLAHASSEE, FL) May 31, 2010

Member since May 2010

6 out of 17 gamers (35%) found this review helpful

Don't waste your time. The game is pointless and frustrating. Graphics are horrible. The worst game I have ever played.

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GF Rating

Above Average

I Love This Game!

posted by nadare (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 4, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

This game isn't so hard after you've played it for a while. I recomend you don't keep too many animals, and when No Grass is getting near you should trade all the male animals for meat so that they can't reproduce, and start planting a lot of seeds as No Grass gets nearer because then the first day of Dandelion a lot of plants will sprout. Also start cutting a lot of grass as No Grass gets nearer because rabbits can eat it and you can change it into seed with the vase. I still only have a few rabbits, a few marmots, many chickens, and some dogs, but I'm still doing pretty well. Does anyone know how to get animals other than rabbits, marmots, chickens, and dogs? Thanks.

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