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shaun's yard sale

posted by diadoram (AMES, IA) Mar 4, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

shaun white snowboarding was a fantastic idea without a whole lot of replay value. The open, free roam world was pretty awesome- however, by the time you saw something that looked sick to try, you were already halfway down the mountain. The map pull-up to see where you were was very vague, making it hard to get to places you wanted to explore. The graphics were great.. the controls were not. Moments that tried your patience were far too often. For such an free roam game, it was fun just to fly down and through the other boarders and see the landscape. The creative use of a helicopter to the top of the mountains, and chair lifts to get partway, was also great. This game was aimed for groups of boarding bums wanting to try sick tricks, all sitting on the couch enjoying some brews.. instead, waiting to take turns to try tricks that not any one person in the group could master. The fact that only one person could play at a time also led to my decision that they just didn't meet gamers expectations and needs. (yes, there is multiplayer online, but this game would truly thrive with a couch full of smack talking and snowball throwing)

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Really Bad

shaun white snowboarding

posted by jrides4 (GRAND LAKE, CO) Jan 1, 2009

Member since Mar 2005

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

this game sucks!!!!!! cool boarders graphics, game play, just bigger world. you get no real feeling or riding like you even do in 1080. i own it, wish i had got it from game fly so i could send it back, i thought it was going too be good. riding around online can be fun, but the game is awful. do not buy, sorry shaun

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Very Good

Solid startup Franchise

posted by Seraphim (ESCANABA, MI) Dec 24, 2008

Member since Oct 2005

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Let's start off by saying that 8 might be a slight overrating but this game, imho, is deserving of a 7-8 thus far. The graphics are excellent, the slopes are varied & good, the controls work, & there's some good tracks, though fairly limited, to listen to.

First off Shaun White Snowboarding is more Sim than Arcade so you're not really going to get the SSX moments out of this title. That being said it also doesn't feel like a hardcore sim. Which is good, but it's bloody hard to do the competitions. Of course a lot of that could be w/ the board I'm using and level of progression you'll gain by earning money & getting better equipment.

Anyway, the riding is real smooth, the tricks are easy, grinding is about what you'd expect & the slopes are pretty well designed. As others have pointed out there is a real lack of that feeling of speed & often it REALLY shows in that you can't get any big air. Which is where a level of arcade style would have really helped this game imo. But remember it is a sim of sorts & they wanted to emulate a more realistic feel into the game... Overall though the gameplay is solid...

There's a few different styles of events, & other trivial things such as collecting 3 tokens at each of the 4 locations to unlock focus. Then there's also 3 other sets of 3 tokens times 4 locations to get as you progress...

There's a decent amount of events & stuff to do & they're all very challenging to take 1st place in. They allow you to fast travel up the slops to ski lift positions & some of the slopes offer air lift to get to the very top of the mountain. However if you want to compete in an event you have to travel to the nearest ski lift then snowboard/walk to the event. I think a fast travel to events would have been a nice addition. Though at the same time it might allow you to just rip through the game & not really enjoy it.

Anyway, if you're into the genre check this game out.

not 1 of my best reviews but I felt I had to get something out there..

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