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posted by Aboddon (BRENHAM, TX) Jun 28, 2011

Member since May 2011

The game IS at least watchable, awesome commentary from Garcia, funny quips, decent take on the whole Dante's Inferno genre. I suppose I was more taken into the hype around it.. the feel of the game was classic (thanks to music by none other than Akira Yamaoka).. The play however was lacking just a droll walk, aim, shoot. No true substance just Iconic and reminiscent of a grind house flick, without any delivery.

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GF Rating


Shallow but enjoyable

posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 27, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

SotD is a third person shooter in the style of RE4/5 without the serious side. There are an abundance of blatant sexual jokes. There's no innuendo here!

I can appreciate this kind of humor when it is done well, like in some grindhouse films, but this was not funny at all. Everything falls flat. It felt like some old Japanese guys trying desperately to be outrageous for their sons.

Humorous and ghastly situations push you through the more banal gameplay sessions. The developers know the gameplay is shallow and constantly try to distract you from that fact with juvenile jokes. In one section, you actually walk across the back of a giant, scantily clad woman.

There are a few major flaws that detract from the fun. Hit boxes on enemies are very inconsistent. You could plug an enemy with five gunshots and they won't blink or react if the picky little laser sight is not perfectly in line. This is especially annoying on boss fights when you run out of ammo and need perfect shots.

The game does have surprisingly fun 2D shooter sequences that are very much like Metroid or a schmup. I thought I would hate them, but they were some of my favorite sequences in the game.

The light/dark element is interesting as a bevy of puzzles. Soon you grow tired of it, largely in the final boss fight.

The graphics are serviceable, but once again the Unreal Engine produces that same two-color scheme that is really getting tired. I realize the game takes place in the underworld, but it could use some variety. They are certainly not up to par with RE5 MT Framework.

I was expecting something "meatier" out of this game. Instead I got a barely existent story and humor for 12 year-olds in a shallow shooter package. I guess I will get my fix from RE4 HD coming this fall.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Stylistically amazing but a little buggy.

posted by Birr1978 (MOUNT PROSPECT, IL) Jun 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Let me start by saying this rated mature for a reason. Story topics include a lot of sexually explicit material. Do not allow your children to play this game.

The visual style of this game was phenomenal. This was the first title I've played by Suda51 and I have to admit, it lived up to everything I'd heard about his titles stylistically. The world, while it felt grainy at times, was very well done.

The control scheme is everything you'd expect from a third person shooter. Pretty well polished too. Nothing ground breaking though.

The light/dark gameplay element played into the game very well. This is where demons are unkillable in the darkness and Garcia (the hero) begins to die in the darkness. You feel very rushed to get out of (or lift) the darkness. It added a very cool (and to my knowledge) unique twist.

The story was very minimalistic, almost to the point of being non-existent. The game begins with Garcia coming home and discovering his girlfriend is dead, and demons take her off to the underworld. Garcia follows intent on reclaiming her. The rest of the story is just him encountering the occasional demon, talking to it, and killing it. That's not to say there isn't dialog. He talks to his Johnson most of the game. Johnson is the comic relief of the game. A floating demon skull which transforms into whatever tool Garcia needs. Mostly, guns.

This brings me to the weapons. Unfortunately, I found my favorite gun to be the one you start with, almost exclusively using it except on a few boss fights, where you're almost forced to use other guns. Now, I like trophies, so I did use the other guns, but I never felt I needed them. I only used them to unlock the trophies related to them.

The game has bugs. Some that really need to be fixed. I was stuck on the 2nd to last boss for 3 hours because of a bug, eventually restarting the chapter, which fixed it.

Trophies. Beating it on hard does not unlock the normal & easy trophies.

Play time: 9hrs,15min (on hard)

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