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posted by bigelliot (LAKEWOOD, WA) Aug 13, 2011

Member since Apr 2006

I dont recommend renting this game solely because it will eventually freeze at some point and go to a black screen.
The disc is brand new without even a blemish.
It may have something to do with the new 3.70 firmware update...............

Very crude humor. Its the highlight of the game. Gameplay is so-so

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth the Play, Worth the Platinum

posted by KingMeHo (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 12, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

It is Resident Evil mixed with No more Heroes. Suda 51 and Grasshopper has done it again with Shadows of the Damned. This game literally had no marketing or much advertisement to promote it, but it sucks you right in from the get go. The Mexican Stud and well known Demon Hunter, Garcia Hotspur, is a pretty sweet main character to control. Along with his trusty torch, Johnson (who might be the most creative character seeing how he is your light and guns) you will fight hordes of demons ranging from your basic corpses to some really psychotic monsters. Playing through the game on hard first did have some difficulty. Getting used to the controls and the creatures you encounter along your way is pretty much the hardest part of the game.

Now if you have a perverse sense of humor you might have picked up the little sexual innuendos I just explained. This game is full of it, especially the shaft jokes. C'mon, a staff/torch named Johnson. I'm talking about "No Holds Barred" pole jokes and sexual puns. You will definitely get some laughs throughout this game, maybe a little arousal when you get a little deeper into it, you'll see.

Starting out Garcia is on the verge of killing a demon before he is told that more will be coming and is asked if his girlfriend, Paula, "hanging around?" That's right. It is another game to save your girlfriend. A small curve ball that made me go, " got me." So da da da Garcia makes it back to his place only to find his lady, umm how should I say, "hanging around." She is taken by the main bad guy, Fleming a.k.a The Lord of Demons, who dished out some sexual puns himself in the meantime. Garcia, with Johnson, follow Fleming to the Underworld to save his love and slay countless of various Demons, running into a couple of good Demons, The Sisters Grimm, play a little bowling and Plachinko, seeing some bare body parts and some feces. It does get pretty foul, but who cares when you're blowing off demon heads.


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A light in the darkness of Summer.

posted by slowbreakdown (PATERSON, NJ) Aug 4, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

The Summer,which usually spells a drought for major AAA video games has given us actually worthwhile. SOTD is a third-person action shooter which combines the best elements of dead space and resident evil 4 to create something fresh and original.

-Shooting mechanics are tight and responsive.
-Art style is reminiscent of old grindhouse movies.
-Very immature sense of humor that does not take itself seriously.
-Exceptional boss battles that are each different and pose different challenges that require multiple strategies.
-inspired light/dark manipulation puzzles that are not overused, which helps to keep the game at a nice pace.
-Chilling Soundtrack that keeps you immersed in every part of the game.

-Not much variety in enemy type.
-Inclusion of 2D sidescroller levels was a bit of a head-scratcher.
- Story was a little underdeveloped and secondary.
-Lack of new game plus mode lowers the replay value considerably

In conclusion, this is a welcome surprise in the summer months and is an excellent survival horror game with a unique style and sense of humor. But because of its low replay value i strongly advise you to rent this title.

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