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Shadows of the Damned


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Also on:PS3
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4229 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Shadows of the Damned
Directional Pad
Up = Select Teether. Left = Select Boner. Right = Select Monocussioner.
Left Thumbstick
Right Thumbstick
A Button
Turn 180 Degrees
B Button
Johnson Attack. Johnson Bash (Hold).
X Button
Reload. Interact.
Left Bumper
Drink Again. Turn Big Boner.
Right Bumper
Lightshot (While Aiming). Turn Big Boner.
Left Trigger
Aim (Hold). The Dentist Weapon Lock (Hold, Weapon Lock).
Start Button
Pause Menu
Right Trigger
Fire Weapon (While Aiming). Dash. The Dentist Missiles (While Weapon Is Locked).
Back Button
Upgrade Menu
Drink Alcohol
Aim and Turn 180 Degrees
Hot Boner Payload (Hold, Release)
Skullfest 9000 (Hold, Release). Skullblaster (Hold, Release).