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Not what you think

posted by RoninOni (SONOMA, CA) Dec 17, 2008

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First off, beware.
There is no SP campaign, or story mode, and really has very little to do with the shadowrun franchise.

It is an arcade shooter, similar to Counterstrike, but with tech and magic thrown in for fun.

The versatility of what you build your character out to be is great.

There are 4 races to pick from giving a spectrum of strength, resilience, magic ability, and speed. Each has some special trait that helps them in their more suited roll for their stats. (For example the trolls are big and tough, and their special ability makes them even tougher, humans are versatile and can use magic and tech without penalty, and also get bonus cash in the beginning)

The weapon selection is meager, but covers all your basic needs. A pistol, which is free, then an SMG, a Rifle, a Shotgun, a Katana, a Minigun, a sniper rifle, and of course a behemoth of an RPG that will cost you an arm and a leg to buy.

The real beauty is, as I said, the tech and magic. Teleport, heal, ressurect, set up barriers, summon a minion or turn into a ghost at will with your magic. Glide, see enemies through walls, get an accuracy bonus, a speed boost, or destroy all magic in an area of effect with your tech.

You get 3 buttons that are able to be quickly mapped to your choice of ability, and any extras can be launched by "Quick Casting" (pulling up the menu, highlight, and pull trigger) for those less time crucial abilities. You can create a wide assortment of combos.

Be a ninja and take teleport, a sword, and see enemies through walls to slash at the enemies teams flanks.

Be a healer and have tree of life (creates a healing field), ressurect, and means to get in and out of danger to your teammates.

Be a tank and take a minigun with smartlink and tree of life (to heal while you kill)

Be a sniper in the skies gliding around headshotting your foes.

Brilliantly thought out all told, it's too bad there is no sequel lined up

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GF Rating

Very Good

A classic FPS with surprising depth and strategy

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) May 31, 2007

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As my title suggests, this game is your basic run-and-gun first-person shooter with a mix of actual brain-using. It's kind of refreshing. There's significantly more to it than picking the proper weapon for the range from your target (like not using a shotgun at range or a sniper up close) with the different races (elves, trolls, dwarves) and magical abilities and techs. Unlike Halo, not every character is the same. There are actual strengths and weaknesses to the different races, which is an improvement over the typical FPS.

The actual game modes are kinda fantasy versions of typical multiplayer modes. There's an "artifact" that needs captured in place of a flag, for example. You can purchase magic abilities like healing and a kind of "force push" to knock enemies away from you. You can also get a glider to float around on, which is pretty neat.

Personally, Shadowrun loses points for the lack of different options in gametypes and maps. I'm sure it's on purpose so they can release more on the Marketplace. And I'm sure they'll cost money...

Personally, if you're the type of person that likes the run-and-gun no-brain style of FPS multiplayer like the Halo and Battlefield games, you'll enjoy this. It'll be a good distraction until Halo 3 comes out.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, there is NO single-player game mode in Shadowrun. If you don't have a Gold account, you really have no reason to get this game. Kinda makes me feel like it's only half a game, so why pay full price? I guess that's why you rent games in the first place. Anyways, it is a pretty fun game, and I recommend you check it out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pleasant surprise

posted by bmoney917 (HADLEY, MA) Jan 26, 2009

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I wasn't really enthusiastic about this title but I threw it on my q anyways. Even though it was 10 down I recieved it and gave it a try.
Within minutes I was hooked.
Very cool powers and abilities that include teleporting through walls and floors and a deployable hang glider.
Fast paced gameplay
Nice graphics.

Only a few gameplay styles, typicall capture-the-flaggish and deathmatch.
Not a huge selection of maps.
Not a whole lot of weapons.

Overall, this game did actually rock. Its all online so dont bother without a Gold account.

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