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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Yuji Naka reference

Sometimes the GUN soldiers will say odd things. One of the things that they say is "Mr. Yuji Naka is all right". Yuji Naka is the creator of the Sonic series.

Character choices

In most stages you have three choices: to help the Dark side, yourself, or the Hero side whenever you have someone with you and it is not a Boss fight. To change the character you want with you, press Start. There will most likely be three selections: Dark, Neutral, and Hero. Press Left or Right to highlight a character or ring in the middle. Press X to select the highlighted character. That character will remain with you until your next run in with the other character. You can then simply press Start and do the process again. REMEMBER: You cannot select a Hero partner if there is an "X" over the Hero side. You cannot select a Dark partner if there is an "X" over the Dark side. You can also use the D-Pad to change your partner. Press Right for the Hero character, Left for the Dark character, and Down for the Neutral character.

Easy ammunition

Go to the stage were you have to kill the Chaos. There is a room near two GUN soldiers and a Chaos that has two weapon boxes in it. Break both boxes, then go in the room with the GUN soldiers. Go back and the boxes will be there again. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Saving lives in Expert mode

In Expert mode, you must go through all of the levels one at a time without a break or mission, and on a harder difficulty. You are given five lives, any lives you pick up, but cannot continue. If you lose all your lives, you must start all the way back on the first level. However, if you find yourself in a dangerous position (for example, falling off a cliff), press Start before the game registers the loss of the life, then select "Quit". At the Expert mode menu, select "Resume". You will start at the beginning of the level you were on, but you will not lose that life and will resume with the total lives you had previously.

How to beat Black Bull in Death Ruins level

Do not bother using the homing attack, as it is too hard to get to, and it is difficult to keep hitting him like that. Instead, defeat the two Black Arms soldiers and collect the guns from them. Then, go to the spring and use it. Move forward a bit so you do not start grinding the rails. Pass Black Bull in your jump, and rapidly shoot a little before you level with its eye. Repeat the strategy, and if you fill your Hero gauge, activate Chaos Control and finish him off. This is more effective and easier than to grind around him and shooting him every time around, which wastes ammunition on a lot of missed shots.

How to beat Black Bull in Lethal Highway level

At the start of the fight, run up to him and start using homing attacks on the Black Volts to get to his eye. When you hit him once, wait until Shadow comes out of spinning from the recoil and straightens up, then attack again. This will minimize your chances of diving to him and getting hurt instead of another homing attack. Continue this as long as possible. When he is in the middle of the street, there will be no Black Volts to bounce on. Instead, run directly under his head, then run away before he creates a shockwave under himself. By doing this, Black Bull will tilt his head down, making it an easy target. When he moves back, repeat. If you get a Gun from Black Arms soldiers, use it, but do not waste it. You will most likely fill your Hero gauge by then. Use it when he is easy to hit, then finish him off. He should not be too hard to defeat.

NiGHTS reference in Lethal Highway level

At the start of Lethal Highway level, you should see a billboard to the right with an advertisement for a drink or something similar. If you continue watching it, it will switch to a picture of NiGHTS, which will then change to the NiGHTS title.

Two player mode

Use the controller two to play as the Hero characters, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc. This does not work with Doom's Eye. It also works with Maria. REMEMBER: They cannot pick up guns.