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nooooooooooooo i should have kept shrek superslam

posted by matthewsea (FUQUAY VARINA, NC) Jul 26, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

i'm not lieing shadow the hedgehog is... BAD!
exibit A. gameplay. well in shadow you don't go fast. the turned it in to a 3 person shooter. in conclsion i dock it 5 points of a perfect 10

exibit b. grphics. the grphics look like most 2d cartoons turned to a 3d game which looks fine but visuls yeah expolsions would be considered fine on a N64 docking 1 point
exibit c. sound not bad but not actuly bad i mean you know what it sound like going through rings. i'm giveing it 1 point. for mercy
but wait this just in theres cursing with usess of the d word and h word i am just hereing now that the say it a in a couple cutscenes. what every time you get hit he'll say the d word docking 1 point
but becuse of the voice acting i'm adding 1 so it avarges to nothing no points earned or tsken away from shadows okay sound.
exibit d. a.isome of the dumbst in game history i shot no body runs.
this ginet worm thing that come out from the ground. goes stright up and down and you can fire at it till it goes under ground which is just a set time. so i'm docking 2 points
exibit e. the game also feature mutply paths fanily somthing good the say there are 8 it think endins. so 3 points added
exibit f. length. the game is shooooooort only 5 levels. total while it dd has replay value. the gsmeplay dosn't want to make you play it agene. 1 point lost.
exibit. g control set up. awful k you probably think the set up is.
r1 fire
r2 roll up in ball.
l1 spacil attack if you have one
x jump
squre reload
o none
trangel none
o none
r1 and 2 starf
l1 nd 2 none
squre fire
o curl up in ball
triangle spacil move if you have one so i dock a point
so 10-5=5-1-2+3-1-1= 3 the score

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