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what were they thinking!

posted by thissucks (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 22, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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this is the worst ever game, he yells &&&& though out the whole game. if you don't like cussing avoid dieing more and the guns are so hard to aim best to shoot homing guns or use swords. and you have to dodge shot and don't touch. even the guys on your side hurt you if you touch them. this game is horrible

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Really Bad

Paved With Bad Intentions

posted by GRod456 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Shadow the Hedgehog is a "spin-off" game from Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, one of the best games in the Sonic franchise. It was essentially the last really good game to be released on the Dreamcast console before it committed suicide when it found out that the Playstation 2 was coming to take the spotlight. However, just like Archie Bunker's Place and Private Practice, Shadow the Hedgehog retains nothing from its predecessor that made is so good. All it managed to inherit is its bad camera controls, which they managed to make even crappier. Half the time you can't tell what is going on which ultimately leads to the player falling to his death on countless occasions. This, coupled with the incredibly bad control scheme, which offers almost no control to Shadow when he is in full speed and very little when he's moving slow, creates some of the most frustrating gameplay in video game history.
Now, from the beginning, you can tell that something is really wrong with this game. There are firearms and a few melee weapons scattered throughout the levels which are a pain to control since the game designers felt an aiming system was unneccessary in a game with guns. Characters from the series are thrown into each level with no explanation and the dialogues sounds less like battle jargon and more like people discussing the weather in a coffeshop. Yeah, there's 11 possible endings but in order to get to these endings, you are either incredibly determined or mentally ill.
Today, Shadow the Hedgehog is recognized as being one of the worst video games ever made and is a prime example of what not to do with a popular and long-standing franchise. Since the release of this game, there hasn't been one really good Sonic game to come out and yet, the game still recieved a huge fan base. This once again proves that no matter how bad something is, it can still spawn a wave of approval from misguided fan boys and girls. I call this the "Robert Pattinson Effect".

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Really Bad

shadow is crapow

posted by golcindy (LAKEWOOD, CO) Jul 29, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

this game is not a real sonic game. its shadow. This is a game that should be rated T. Shadow says bad words, kills people and turns to the DARKSIDE! you dont race. and multiplayer is just shooting each other! this dissapointment is just a huge pile of poopy! if you like hedgehogs with bazookas, machine guns and grenades shooting the life out of people and if you like them sayin ship
and funk then this game is for you. Look at the reviews, the always tell the truth!

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