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Shadow the Hedgehog

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Unless you liked Sonic Heroes, stay away

posted by Coriff (ROCHESTER, NY) May 1, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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Shadow is back in his own game and he wants to know about his past, regardless of consequences. When you have an armed black angry hedgehog on a quest for knowledge you think it should be pretty sweet, right? Wrong.

They killed the speed. It's dead. If you're lookin for the typical Sonic style speedy game you've come to the wrong place. Shadow is often trapped within rather enclosed areas and given simple but often annoying objectives such as kill x amount of enemies or reach x item in y amount of time.

Weapons. Some of the weapons are fun to use... for a few minutes. They don't really add much to the game and killing enemies is still pretty easy even with the standard homing attack.

Story. Shadow wants to know about his past and a big black alien says he can tell him if he gets the Chaos Emeralds. However these aliens are hostile to everyone but Shadow. Along the path you can choose sides at various points, allowing many paths through story mode. All of these paths reveal little to no info about Shadow until you beat them ALL. With such a poorly made, half-fun game is RIDICULOUS.

Overall, this game could have been a million times better if Sonic Team actually put some thought into it instead of just throwing some random cool ideas together. If you like Sonic or Shadow you may like this game. If you like Sonic Heroes you may like this game. Otherwise you will probably hate it and curse Sonic Team more for their steady destruction of what once was a great series.

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The WORST Gamecube game EVER!!!

posted by macnaju (PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI) Apr 17, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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There has been a lot of horrible Gamecube games, but let me tell you this is the WORST game EVER!!! Ok, let's start with the controls. THEY SUCK!! Ok, you're trying to walk on a ten foot ledge. As soon as you go Shadow runs to fast and falls off the ledge!! As soon as falls off tthe edge SEGA tries to be cool, and makes Shadow says a word i'm not susposed to use on this website! He was already cool without the cussing.
Another thing, you can pretty much just walk and your there! The game pretty much walks for you. The misssions are either stupid or too easy.
The vioice acting SUCKS. There mouth don't match the word ever! That stupid bummble bee! His vioce just makes you want to take a gun up to his head and blow it off! It is that annoying!!
I think you have heard enough of this reveiw to say this game sucks!

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Bad bad bad bad.

posted by Silhouette (Palatine, IL) Feb 9, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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My problem with Shadow the Hedgehog isn’t the fact that he uses guns or swears or anything related to that at all. My problem with this game is that it’s one of the most un-fun and agonizingly bad games I’ve ever had the misfortune to play. Here are some of my major grievances:

1. You’re slow. Maybe not compared to other video game characters, but compared to the speed of other 3-D Sonic games you move quite slow. If you attempt to race to the end of the levels like most people are prone to do, you are constantly stopped by random falling objects, obstacles, enemies, etc. There is almost no sense of speed in this game at all, and if you get going at a good pace, often-times you end up falling to your death because of the awful controls.

2. Voice-acting. It’s atrocious.

3. The missions. You can complete either good, neutral, or evil goals for each level. The neutral goal is just to reach the end of the level, and the good/evil ones are along the lines of “Kill all the enemies” or “Find/destroy 5 thingies” They’re all very mundane and often times frustrating, because you often have to back-track to find everything you have to kill and regardless of whose side you’re on EVERYTHING attacks you.

4. The weapons are awkward to use and the vehicles are virtually pointless. Sonic games should be about running and blasting through enemies, not stopping every few feet to shoot things.

5. The endings. I don’t understand why anyone would want to beat the game multiple times to get an ending which only varies very , very slightly from all the other ones. You beat a boss, get a chaos emerald, Shadow says two or three lines, the end. It’s awful payoff.

6. I’d to say the graphics are some of the worst I’ve seen on the GameCube. They’re worse then Sonic Adventure 2, and that was on the Dreamcast.

Anyway, in short, don't buy, rent, play, or go anywhere near this game.
It will burn holes in your face.

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