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Shadow the Hedgehog

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where is that (bleep) 3rd chaos emrled

posted by matthewsea (FUQUAY VARINA, NC) Sep 25, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

shadow the hedge hog is a spinoff of the sonic seris but what is it really were looking at atupid gameplay and for some stupid resson the foucused on gun play as there main purpose. if thats not enghogh to not sound out of sonic. a frquent use of the D word.
but my 2 biggist complants are 1 gunplay has no aiming system. you just take a shot . theres no classic attacks ( the bulr jumping on heads ETC) if i had to define sonic the hedgehog seris i would say going fast well this gets in with the bad gunplay because of it theres barely any running and time spent looking for ammo.
the games lenghth is 5 levels but luckily rhey pulled it of right with multipule endings and paths but they might have been better of with no multiplayer ofline at all. heres what there is death match 1 kill to win. 3 to 1 rounds. but what could be worse then the gameplay in this game the camara. it is so awful i could film shadow better. but worse then camra is the laghable controol.

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Very Good a "SONIC" game.....

posted by vgcritic (LOS ANGELES, CA) Aug 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

Shadow is back,and as always ,trying to figure out his past.But THIS time he has GUNS!!!!!!!!! There are 50 firepower-filled levels of grittyness,wich doesn't make this feel like a sonic game. Sure U have speed homingatack spindash and grinding ablities,but it's a little more "mature" .But still it's a fun game(at LEAST a rental)! Shadow+GUNS=shadow the hedgehog&death B-

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Don't give animals guns.

posted by Battousai (Tucson, AZ) Jul 1, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Ever since Sonic Adventure Battle 2 and Sonic DX (Go rent those right now!!) Sega has been going down hill at a speen not even Sonic could match.

Basicly, You play as Shadow (Around the time after Sonic Heroes ended), You can't remember much (Since when could he?).

And then the "Black demons" come.
The system in this is NOT like any other Sonic game.

You can shoot the bad guys with guns, that happen to have hardly any ammo, and by them putting this in the game it makes jumping or dash attacking the bad guys useless, so stock up on guns.

Also, like in Sonic Heroes, the bad guys have health... so unless you want to jump on them 15 times, You'll need to grab a gun.

Also, no more running threw levels at high speeds, You have to stop and kill things, If you want to be evil, you can waste your time by knocking out every good guy on the level, if you want to be bad, you kill the bad guys. tho you could just go with nutral, but by doing that you'll run out of things to do in on hour flat.

The level to level system is like a tournament, If you go with evil, You level up to the uper level on the level to level map, if your good you go to the lower side, if your nutral you go striaght.

So theres many dif combos, nutral nutral nutral nutral, nutral bad nutral nutral nutraln ect ect.

With one path you could kill egg man, with another you could be killing black demons, and much more.

If you love the Sonic story from sonic adventure and up, You'll go crazy for the story in this, as it tells you everything they didn't tell you in the other games, the story in this game ROCKS, but it's just not very fun and I Put down my controller in no time.

Don't rent this unless you REALLY need to know more about the story.

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