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Just as the title states...COLOSSUS

posted by ZELDABROS (ROGERS, AR) Dec 11, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

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Where do I start on this one guys? Ok one thing before you try to rent this I want you to know this game is INSANELY HARD!!!! Unless you are a serious gamer do not rent this you will not enjoy this. Now all you peoples who are still there reading this I want you to know this is a game of epic proportions. the graphics are wayyyy ahead of its time so keep that in your mind when you look at them. The gameplay is outstanding and the storyline is one of the best i have ever seen in my life. Now I also want to point out the game can be a little bit dull at times because throughout the game you must take down these giants know as Colossi. The bosses are amazing but some of them...annoying as ever could be BUT all worth it because you have fun with it and also a dull part. Finding these things!!! You may look at this title and think " Colossus those are probably easy to find because they're huge...right? Well wrong I mean sure they're big but this landscape is also big sure you got your little compass sword thing but you're likely going to hit a wall in your travels. Also I don't consider this an all out action game more of a puzzle type actually because you have to figure out how to kill these things all of them are killed the same way its figuring out how to get to the part where you kill them that's hard but overall an amazing game. With an amazing story line, great game play, and stunning graphics this may be the game of the century.

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There is nothing else like it

posted by kmish213 (GLENDALE, AZ) Jul 26, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

There is now an HD version of this game and I must say that it can top most ps3 and 360 video games.

Incredibly original, beautiful graphics, and intense musical scores.

Basically it is a realistic plat former game so your character feels like he really needs a lot of momentum to jump and hold on to things. This is great because the main events of the game require you to grab onto giant, beautifully designed creatures that send earth quakes with every step. Once you grab onto them, it's up to you to figure out how to climb to their weak points and stab them. Keep in mind that you have to pay attention to how much energy you have, if you run out, you will fall and have to start over.

I can be very frustrating to fall of a Colossus after such hard work. But it is incredibly rewarding if you stick to it till the end.

Half of the game is spent traveling the vast empty landscape in search of each colossi. Some may find this boring but the amount of content within the colossus battles really provides an amazing contrast. I actually enjoyed the traveling sections because you are alone except with your horse, and all you hear is the natural sounds of the landscape. It can be very therapeutic.

This game is very artistic, ambitious, innovative, and amazing.

If you are looking for just fast paced , mindless action , this isn't for you. It is very well paced and the action is incredibly intense but it is combined with very emotional story telling and concepts, which some people might not be looking for.

Please note!

There is a giant flying snake colossus towards the end of the game that requires you to jump off of your speeding horse onto its wings and then run around its back as it is high in the air.

I have no words to describe how amazing it is to actually complete these puzzles. The music compliments the action and the difficulty is very rewarding if you can master it.

PLease try it, there is nothing else like it.

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posted by Oliviator (CLEVELAND, OH) Dec 19, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Fell in love with this game just 10 minutes into playing it. Amazing story line. Amazing graphics for a PS2 game. The care and precision put into this game shows and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Kudos to the creators!

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