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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Alternate introduction sequence

Turn on the game and let the introduction sequence begin where your character is riding Agro. Press Start so that the title screen appears. Allow the game idle and a new introduction sequence will appear. This time, the setting is where you last saved a game. It will show your character resting or sleeping at the altar. Then, Agro will start walking away and begin to run and roam all over the open area.

Colossi locations

Each individual Colossus can be found at the following map coordinates: 1: F-5 2: F-3 3: E-2 4: G-5 5: H-4 6: D-6 7: D-1 8: G-6 9: D-3 10: B-4 11: F-1 12: G-2 13: E-6 14: C-2 15: G-1 16: F-8

Ico reference

Have a saved game from Ico on your memory card to change the diamond-shaped mark on Agro's head into the "I" from the Ico logo.

How to beat Colossus 2

This will require patience and moderate skill with the bow. When the Colossus raises its forefeet to stomp on you, have an arrow drawn to full with the controller vibrating. Keep a bead on the Colossus' foot, and you will notice that the bottom glows. Release the arrow when the foot is almost on you. The Colossus' leg will fold, giving you an opportunity to climb up onto its back. The rest is very simple, as it is a quadripedal Colossus.

How to beat Colossus 3

This Colossus has a huge stone bar in place of a hand and can either slam it straight down or on an angle. Do not get hit, as it will take a remarkable amount of time to get up again. When he slams it down on an angle, it will stick in the ground for a few seconds. You can then jump onto it and run up to the Colossus' arm. While you can do this, it will not do much good as you cannot get past the armor. As you run around, you will notice a large, circular stone platform. Stand on it and let the Colossus try to hit you. Dodge, and it will smash down onto the platform. The armor on its arm will shatter, allowing you to climb up to its head and jam your sword in the sweet spot. After a few of hits, it will change and be on the Colossus' stomach.


Apart from lizards, eels, hawks and doves, you also can find tortoises. One can be found at the very right side of sector C3. If you tread on it or hit it with an arrow, it will go inside of its shell.

Reminisce mode

Go to the corpse of the Colossi and press Circle to pray. The graphics will change to a old film appearance.

Ride a hawk, bird, lizard or eel

Get behind one of those creatures, then press R1.

Quick gallop stop

Press Left Analog-stick Down + X.

Control intermission sequences

The view can be moved and zoomed in during all intermission sequences. You can also allow the game to idle during the introduction sequence to see Agro exploring the world without Wander. This sequence can also be controlled. Use the Right Analog-stick to change the angle and R1 and R2 to zoom in and out.

Alternate ending sequence

Eat fruit from the Secret Garden to reduce your HP as much as possible. Dormin will now be killed when shot by the crossbow, and will alter the following sequences.