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Also on:PS2
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posted by AlastorX50 (HALTOM CITY, TX) Apr 8, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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The game starts off with eike who is murdered by something or someone and a voice wants to keep him alive by giving some time transporter device to go back and change things. the music (if you call it music) is just dreadful and you go around talking to people. if you die you have to do the same stuff over again. the controls aren't bad but there are no bad guys to fight. There's really nothing keeping you intrested and it was so boring.

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What an amazing game this was.

posted by pYKIEGUY53 (PHOENIX, AZ) May 26, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

The story of this game is similar to the story of 'The Butterfly Effect', by Asthon Kutcher. Well the point of this is that if you love 'The Butterfly Effect' like I do, and then you should love this one but let me tell you why.

While this game may look like a survival-horror tell or something dramatic similar to "Haunting Ground", or "Clock Tower" series for the PS1/PS2... This game is actually quite closer to "Shenmue" for the Dreamcast system.

So if you're looking for a game with a fantastic story-mode and a thrilling story this game is a fantastic choice on the playstation portable. However if you're looking for any actual fighting or combat, you simply cannot find here, but the story is great.

So the story is pretty short too, but since there is no combat to participate in you will find the length perfectly fine.

There haven't really ever been any other games like this, and given how short the game actually is. It's a pretty poor excuse to mark this game down or miss-by-it.

So in the end I really did love this game for it's lack of combat, but the choice of art-style and use of the special looking 3D models left me very enthralled in the story mode.

So with all of that being said I would call this game a masterpiece of the PS2 generation.

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posted by Jeff92381 (GRANITE CITY, IL) Sep 13, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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this was my first PS2 Game i love Time Travel and this you Solve the Mystery of your own Death A Voice from no where teases you and says how does it feel to be dead ike? and then says sorry after you call him satan Lol anyway he gives you a device called a digipad you use it to Time Travel and do Puzzles in diffrent time era's you have to get into large croweds to prevent your first murder and pretty much gotta find diffrent ways to Stop your own death The creature/being who needs you to stay alive looks like he fitsinto the Twlight Saga on the Vamprie side at the end if you get a diffrent ending The Father of two children one of them who knows your from the future is granted a wish Eternal Youth? and to Your Surprise could it be? dun dun dun he ages backwords to his youth and is ike? what the heck? i bet all of you who played it never excpted that huh? anyway i would have wished my wife to be better thats just me
i find this game vary entertaining IMO

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