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Shadow Hearts: From the New World

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Free Saber Swords

Frank uses a Saber Sword made from different items, as follows: Cactus Saber: Grand Canyon, near end of town (left side). Bus-Stop Saber: Roswell, front of the hotel. Marlin Saber: Sunken Ship, top-front of the boat. Fireworks Saber: Rio de Janeiro, football court. Kokeshi Saber: Moana Village, near the statue (left side). Legend Saber: Uyuni Salt Lake, 4th floor, down-right of the door.

Posing Mao

In Rio de Janeiro, talk to Danke. He will tell you about his job and you will see Mao doing a pose. Keep on talking to Danke and you can see different poses from Mao.

Garland Residence 9 digit curse

In the Garland Residence, before you enter the main door you will see a red light that is blocking the way and fabled that "who ever comes in , will never get out, unless you will do the conditions of the 9 digit door curse. The code will be 1-5-4-2-8-6-3-9. This refers to the red light that you have to pass, so you can get out or to destroy the curse.

Snap Lists

Masatoshi's Swap Lists (Chicago) First Trade 1: No.007 x 3 First Trade 2: No.008, 009 x 1 Request from Masatoshi 1: No. 013 x 1 Request from Masatoshi 2: No. 026, 027 x 1 High Level Trade 1: No.054, 058, 064 x3 High Level Trade 2: No.060, 061, 062, 063 x 2 Masatoshi's Final Request: No.075 x 1 Samuel's Swap Lists (Caribbean Pirate Port Simple Request 1: No.004, 005 x 3 Simple Request 2: No.015 x 5 Please Find This! 1: No.018, 019, 020 x 1 Please Find This! 2: No.023 x 5 Difficult Request 1: No.036, 047, 048, 062, 097 x 2 Difficult Request 2: No.058 x 3 Very Difficult Request: No.091 x 5 Pissaro's Swap List (Rio De Janeiro) No Greetings Necessary! 1: No.022 x 3 No Greetings Necessary! 2: No.032 x 3 Please Find It! 1: No.037, 038, 039 x 2 Please Find It! 2: No.044, 050 x 3 Trade Me A Strange Snap: No.128, 129, 130 x 3 I'll Do Anything For These: No.011, 013, 081, 132 x 2 Mary's Swap Lists (Moana Village) Help Me, Mister! 1: No.024, 040 x 2 Help Me, Mister! 2: No.041, 042, 043 x 1 I Want this! 1: No.049 x 1 I Want this! 2: No.051, 052, 053 x 5 Mary's Dream 1: No.026, 049, 095 x 1 Mary's Dream 2: No.096, 097 x 5 Louie's Swap Lists (Harlem, NY) Cool Snap Trade: No.055, 056, 057 x 1 Superstar Snap: No.131 x 7 I Don't Really Want It, But.....: No.095 x 10 Exotic Snap: No.083, 086, 087 x 1 Something For My Baby: No.099, 100, 101 x 5

Jhonny's Handy Tools

Snap: Available at the start Vacuum: Solve the puzzle/lock combination of the treasure chest. The answers are 5(A) and 9(B). Go back to Jhonny's Office (Garland Detective Agency at Upper West Side, NY) after a quest or mission. Lenny will show you a letter from Tinkerbell. Phone Call: Go to Jhonny's Office after some missions. You will be asked by a girl to find her lost cat. Solve the case and Lenny will give you a mobile phone that you can use as a tool. The answers to the case are: How many of them is/are telling the truth? (1). Who was the last person who went out of the shop? (Wells). The culprit is... (Taffy).