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Shadow Hearts: Covenant


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Gameplay Controls

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The Judgement Ring: The outcome of your characters' movements and actions are decided by the Judgement Ring, when attacking, using an ability, or completing a task. Remember, timing is everything. Your attack commands will only get executed if you press the X Button the instant that the Ring Cursor appears over a colored area:
Hit Areas: Hit Areas are yellow or red zones within the Judgement Ring that appear when you choose an attack command.
Strike Areas: A Strike Area is a small red zone at the end of a yellow Attack Area. If you press the X Button as the cursor passes through a Strike Area, it will increase the damage an attack inflicts.
Step Areas: A Step Area is a green zone in the Judgement Ring that comes up when you use a Special Ability. Your Special Ability command will not work if you don't hit the green Step Area.
Modulate Areas: A Modulate Area is a blue zone that appears in the Judgement Ring when you use a Special Ability. The farther into the blue zone you hit the X Button, the more powerful the Special Ability.

Directional Buttons Navigate Menus
X Button Confirm Selection
Circle Button Cancel Selection
Select Button Turn Subtitles On or Off During Cut Scenes
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Navigate Menus
R3 Button Exit Menus

Directional Buttons Move Character (Walk)
X Button Confirm/Examine/Talk
Triangle Button Display Command Menu
Square Button Other
Circle Button Cancel/Hold Down to Run
L2 Button Cycle Through Party Members
L1 Button Cycle Through Party Members
Start Button Pause
Select Button Turn Navigation Map On or Off
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character (Run)
R3 Button Exit Menus