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GF Rating


great unknown RPG

posted by protoman71 (EUGENE, OR) Nov 24, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

STORY/7:can't say much without spoiling it but it's a good story nothing
really new.

GAMEPLAY/10:the battle system works fantastically you use the judgement ring for attacking,magic,using items,the lottery and even for getting shop discounts.basically the ring has a small pointer that spins around the ring and you have to hit certain points i.e. magic has steps and attacks have normal and critical hit areas.also you can customize the ring for each character with more attacks or a bigger hit or critical area with items you get from the "ring soul".on top of that every character has some type of special ability like:turning into monsters,muscle arts,sword arts etc. and every special ability levels in it's own way like: collecting soul energy from monsters,defeating wolfs around the world in the "wolf bout" and collecting musical scores from people.

GRAPHICS and VOICE ACTING/8 and 3: the graphics are great for it's time but the voice acting can get very cheesy at times

REPLAY/5:theres not anything that comes to mind that i would go back for except special ability evolving.

TOTAL/9 the game plays great and there are few flaws like easy bosses at many areas lame voices and a very occasional ring glitch here and there all in all a fantastic game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth Renting

posted by LuvLee (Four Oaks, NC) Jul 28, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

Enjoyed playing the game, worth the rental. Only things I had a slight problem with.. the voice over was a little off and the ring system for the battles. It was all about timing, that can be a little frustrating. Great story and game.

All in all, game worth renting, worth playing.

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GF Rating


Surprisingly Perfect

posted by Joenzy (DENVER, CO) Dec 5, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

I really did not start this game with super high expectations, I had played the first game in the series for the PS2 and found that while the game play was innovative the setting and characters were lacking in interest. Once I began the play this game I was taken aback by the odd characters who I would assume I could not like, but found myself growing more involved in their quirky personalities and struggles. I must say that this is definitely one of those games you should try at least once, it's just that good.

The story and dialog is extremely well written and original in its own context. The main female on the cover has a paper thin personality and I felt we were just dragging her around until about twenty hours into the game then all of a sudden she had an interesting moment or two, however all of the secondary characters’ exuberant personalities more than make up for the oddly boring female they decided to paste on the box. I did not finish the game yet, 40 hours into it and not even reaching the second disk I decided I should just buy it, so maybe she might get interesting later. While it may not have the production values of a Final Fantasy the art is gorgeous and world is so well developed you'll easily find yourself spending hours just walking around and checking out the sights. This is definitely a game that deserves more hype and was well worth dusting off the old PS2 for.

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