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I Can't Believe I Subjected Myself to This…

posted by SpaceCow4 (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Feb 22, 2010

Member since Jun 2006

I just sat there, thinking it would somehow get better than the first sketch. Nope.

As subpar as 'Family Guy' and its variations are, this is apparently what is left on the cutting room floor. This is bottom of the barrel, people. There's a reason these were initially put up on the internet for free. Let me repeat, one more time: these are unfunny compared to 'FAMILY GUY' STANDARDS.
"But why even rent this if you're so obviously not a fan of Seth MacFarlane's creation(s) in the first place," you ask? Sadly, I don't honestly know. Morbid curiosity, I suppose.

MacFarlane and company use this opportunity to let fly whatever disgusting, fowl, ignorant, bigoted thing they want. Crude elements are used here not for comedic effect, but instead used simply because they COULD. It's like there was a personal quota set by the team, who just kept on barreling through after it was met.

When the show's not jamming pointless crudity down your throat, the "jokes" presented are either stale, predictable, or a combination of those three elements. There's a sketch about three-fourths of the way in, where two ducks are supposedly watching "Meet the Parents" and commenting upon how unwatchable it is. Oh, the irony.

If it were ten years ago, when I was still in junior high, perhaps I'd've POSSIBLY found it SOMEWHAT amusing. My tastes are obviously a bit more discerning now, though, as this wasn't funny in the slightest.
Literally not one audible utterance of a laugh escaped my mouth during the entire viewing. Certainly I didn't sit stone-faced the WHOLE time; in fact, there were times where a fleeting smile was cracked! …two, to be precise. That's not a sarcastic estimate—I was actually so self aware of my lack of enjoyment that I was keeping track.

Bottom line: even if you are a fan of properties d'MacFarlane, skip this one. You'll thank me for saving you the 54 minutes of your life that you'd never see again. That was my sacrifice.

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Not good.

posted by ShamWow (BLACKSBURG, VA) Aug 6, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

As a fan of Family Guy and American Dad, I expected much better than I got out of this title. There are loads of problems with this made evident after watching it for a bit. The stupid random clips that are all over Family Guy are just not funny when they're not offset with a main storyline. Seth seems to try much too hard to be outrageous, and it often comes off as lame and stagnant. Most clips were predictable, and only a handful had me chuckling, but that's as far as it went. Ducks Watching Meet the Parents was the only good clip, in that one duck said something that applies perfectly to this title: "I'm sitting stone-faced watching something I know I should be laughing at."

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Not what I Expected

posted by snake18 (CLEVELAND, OH) May 2, 2010

Member since Jan 2007

1. I thought it would be longer
2. No extra features not even a scene select
And 3. There are just some messed up moments

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