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Dynasty Warriors on the Wii

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 26, 2010

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There are several players who yearn to swing the Wiimote like a sword and cut down several opponents with their mighty weapon.
Well, Senogoku Basara Samurai Heroes gets half of it; you play as a leader of an army, and your mission is to go our and beat up all the other army leaders in the same style as the Dynasty Warriors: Mash the attack buttons while your guy beats up on armies of inept warriors. Most of the fighting will have your guy beating up on these hapless souls.
As you progress through your attack, you are supposed to take out certain areas of the battle map called Camps. Each camp has a leader you must kill to take control - then you move on to the next Camp. When you get to the other end of the map, you engage the leader of the opposing army (and the leader is much, much harder to kill than his lackey soldiers.)
And if you’re playing in the main mode, once you kill the leader, you get items, weapons and special moves to make your guy or gal a meaner, leaner fighter. Then, you go off and fight another army leader, and another until you are defeated - or you unite all of Japan (this happens after seven stages).
Fans of games like Dynasty Warriors will gleefully buy this game because it is everything that game is; simple button mashing combat (even with Special Moves and Power Moves).
Problem is, players who are not into that style of game will find no reason to start playing, and I got really tried of the same beat down I gave the other army no matter which leader I picked or which leader I attacked. And I would’ve liked to have a manual lock on for the fight between the army leaders.
Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes has a lot of simple button mashing fun, but it doesn’t keep my interest long enough for me to shell out my hard earned cash for. RENT IT.

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Very Good

very fun

posted by mostlyharmless (ROUND ROCK, TX) Jun 9, 2011

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With there being so many Dynasty Warrior like games out there, I was kinda not sure if I wanted to bother trying this. I got it today and played it for a few hours and sent it back... but not because it was bad, because I am going out to the store to buy it. The gameplay is very basic, would also be good on ps3 I don't doubt, but until I started this review, I only knew it came out on the wii lol. If you are tired of the Dynasty Warrior games, but like the gamestyle, this one is a lot of fun and worth giving a shot. Not sure if I am going to buy it on ps3 or wii, but I will be picking this one up shortly.

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posted by andy2011 (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 24, 2011

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this game is very fun and very good game for fighter game

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