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Fun for a group

posted by SkaVeNgeR (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 24, 2008

Member since Jan 2005

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This isn't the best tennis game on the market. It's not the best tennis game based on animated characters, but the game is good enough to enjoy with a group of friends or fam. It's got plenty of stuff to unlock so it'll keep u busy. Every game has flaws but the only major one about this one is random misses for no clear reason, but other than that, the game is fun, graphics are good and i'd say rent first and then decide if u wanna buy.

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posted by MichaelCO (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 30, 2008

Member since Apr 2004

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Well I will be quick and separate it between online play and single player mode.

Online is okay except the whole time I played I got destroyed by my opponents. there really isnt anything exciting in online play besides some single player one vs one tennis.

The story mode is a little better. there really isnt that much tennis to be played until you unlock the tournaments in each level. I spent most of the time doing stupid tasks like hitting balls through rings.

If you want to play real tennis dont buy this, but if you are bored and want to get some easy gamerscore points then I would rent this for the weekend.

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Only Hardcore Sega Fans Should Hit This Court

posted by monlienNH3 (AUGUSTA, GA) Mar 23, 2008

Member since Jul 2003

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

If you never owned a Dreamcast (and loved it), you're probably not going like this game. But if you are (or were, in my case) a huge Sega fan, a fair amount of nostalgic joy can come from playing Superstars Tennis.

As a tennis game, it is very basic with only 2 buttons used for shots - but you'll find yourself mostly using one. The tennis gameplay could best be described as "Virtua Tennis Lite" - there's even a nearly impossible bonus stage after completing the tournament/arcade mode. Each character has their own power up (much like a Mario sports title), but they don't really add much to the action. The controls are responsive and work well, just suffer from being too basic.

The meat of the game is the Superstars mode. Here you play through Sega-inspired tennis mini games. You'll hit zombies in the Curien Mansion area (House of the Dead), break puyos in the Puyo Puyo Fever area, paint tags at the Jet Set Radio area, etc. As you progress through Superstars mode, you'll unlock characters, music, ballgames, and courts. I haven't completed the game yet, but it doesn't seem like it's going to take very long to make it through all the areas. Each mini game does provide a decent amount of variety though. And more importantly, the mini games are better than the actual tennis matches and make better use of the simple controls (I thoroughly enjoyed the Puyo Puyo area).

I would have liked to see more characters in the game - you start with 8, and unlock an additional 8. The Superstars mode lacks the depth and replay value it needs, and the tennis is on the basic side. But if "Jet Set Radio," "Space Channel 5," and "Samba De Amigo" bring back great memories for you, you'll probably enjoy the trip down memory lane. The colorful courts breathe the life of the games they were inspired by - but won't matter if you're not a fan of the games. Overall, it's a fun tennis game with little depth. Perfect for a Sega fan to rent, but probably not enough for anyone to purchase.

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