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GF Rating


What a breath of fresh air!

posted by 35yrgamer (CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY) Oct 13, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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In a world full of racers that focus on learning to drive the cars instead of actual racing, SRR is very nice change of pace. I play a lot of online racers, and it always amazes me to see 3/4 of the field off the track in the first corner. Whats fun about that? SRR lets you race, plan and simple. No over the top arcade stunts ala Burnout, no lame attempts at "realistic driving" (besides, what realistic about holding a piece of plastic in your living room)? SRR gets you doing something you love, racing, and removes the gimmicks. This game is fun the moment you start. Great graphics, great spot on control, and outstanding online racing. You will no longer have to worry about some griefer trying to send you off the track so he can beat you. Do yourself a favor, give SRR a try and you will see how racing should be, fun. But if you like trying to fight with a piece of plastic, in an attempt to fool yourself into thinking your playing a real life simulation...this is not the game for you.

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Excellent game, a lot of fun playing

posted by Anime4Ever (HOLLYWOOD, FL) May 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

Wow, people are so critical of this game. Me, I just plain had fun with this game. I guess a lot of people have never driven in dirt before - this game brings that experience to the game screen nicely, without going overboard. This is a very playable game. Very easy to unlock features in the game, as long as you play steadily for a while. As I get better, I see my time scores getting better too. As usual SEGA brings a very nice experience to the game screen.

My only gripe is that I only have 2 controller layout choices to choose from. Being right handed, I wanted to put the steering controls under my right thumb, but you can only have it under your left thumb - extremely annoying. But that is the only gripe I have about it.

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A racing game that requires real time adaptability

posted by hardboild1 (RENO, NV) Feb 25, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

From the first hour I played this game, it didn't seem as bad as people liken it to be toward the "other" rally game. Then once I got into the more difficult area's of the game, it got really intense, and if you like a challenge in a racing game, this is one for you.

Now I will just be throwing out the fact this game is a arcade with slight simulation in it, like every other game before it, we can get on with the review :p. Most games have a habit of leaving basic skid marks by placing a image on the textured floor, in this game the entire track has been applied with a wire-mesh frame work, so when you fly around for 2nd 3rd lap its even more crazy, and the turns get really rough with tire marks and wall draining out into them, and once you get further into the game it can mean sliding close/tapping into a rail or wall or some trees, or slamming right into them and spinning around and losing the entire race, and mind you can not restart race in this game, just like the old school versions. In fact you can't even restart a race series, they are broken up into 3 races per race series, then you need to do 3-5 more of those each worth 30 points, then the champ races which are 90+ points each, then into another thing that's worth even more. Each time you score first you get 10 points :p so were talking 9 races for a section of a bigger race.

I will admit some places in this game get ridiculous, and I will be 1st in 3 races, then one race hits on a curtain course and I will be 6th the entire time! Some of the AI in first is ridiculously fast, and I think in some cases, you can not win unless you really a pro and do not tap or ram any walls period (you lose speed kind of like Initial D ie). Besides that, a lot of dust and particle effects will destroy your view (I play in first person so it might be different in 3rd) where you will literally slam right into a wall or a rock sticking out, then lose the race.
Being my first gamefly rental not bad :p.

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