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Not that bad for a new look with the old feel...

posted by Benjovi (DAYTON, OH) Sep 2, 2006

Member since May 2006

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Ok, when I first saw it, I was skeptical, which is why I rented it. The game has a good selection of old classic Sega titles, but they are re-makes rather than copies of the original. These new versions however, were not a total loss. Most of them keep the gameplay of the old versions at their base, with redone music and PS1 style 3D graphics (OOOH AAH). It would have been better if they merely included the original versions with the new for the real nostalgic buffs out there, with new technology able to hold lots of memory, I wonder why Sega didn't do that when they made this thing. Controls on most of the games are decent, except Virtua Racing gets a little too sensitive and Monaco GP moves so fast, it's hard to steer anyway. Some of the games have annoying redone sound effects (Space Harrier)and two or three titles just didn't seem as hard as their originals such as Alien Syndrome or Golden Axe. I heard this title take a lot of flack for messing with Golden Axe, but the remake is tolerable. However, the dragons and griffins you ride in the game look a little silly and the difficulty is lowered with the ability to fill your magic up as you kill enemies, but all in all, it makes for a fun hour or so. Besides, you still get to beat up those little green and blue elf things!

Overall, not terrible. This game does allow you to enjoy the wonders of the 16 bit Era with a bit more hype from the graphics. If you're that crazy about emulators, I recommend the Midway's Classic Series or Sonic Mega Collection Plus, but if you're too much in love with the games on this title than pick it up and see for yourself.

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Remakes not emulation

posted by Belial6 (SANTA ROSA, CA) Apr 30, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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I have to say I was disappointed. I am a huge emulation fan. I own most of the arcade packs for the PC, Playstation, GBA, XBox, and PS2. Several I have bought more than once to get them on different platforms.

Sega Classics Collection just didn't do it for me. It was obvious that these were remakes of the arcade classics. While some might find these games fun, they are definitely not what I was looking for. My disappointment in getting remakes may have clouded my judgment, but I found this collection to be less fun, and thus lower quality, than the Genesis conversions.

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some games are ok

posted by BubbleLead (RAY, OH) May 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

the only two really worth playing are golden axe and tant r. golden axe is the same game but with some of the modes taken out and time attack and survial added, so it feels kinda like a fighting game. the updated graphics are pretty nice if you remember playing it on genisis. Tant R and Bonaza Bros I'm pretty sure where only released in Japan. The minigames are creative though such as stacking frogs and braking a car so it dosent fly off a cliff. The Bonanza Bros part is basically searching for treasure in diffrent areas. The multiplayer is fun but it boring by yourself. Theres also a very Japanese feel to it so it miht not be for everyone. Overall if you have someone to play this with, its good for a rent. Otherwise the other games don't really make this as a whole really worth it.

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