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just rent this

posted by cueball217 (MCKINNEY, TX) Jan 7, 2010

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the single player campaign is short.....2-3 hours total. not even worth the effort. the multiplayer game is good but could be better. it should have a better selection of weapons. your choices are the assault rifle, machine gun, missle launcher, pistol, sniper rifle, and shotgun. manual targeting is better than auto targeting....apparently you have to build up energy in order to use the auto targeting system. also, the auto targeting system doesn't last very long. also, did not like the fact that you have to build up speed to sprint. the graphics are good. wish there was an option to pilot fleet ops....good have gotten a better score. the story is decent but doesn't explain how you got to the start of the game.

if you're looking for some easy xbox achievement points and you have some time to this game. be prepared to be disappointed as it doesn't last very long.

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WOW!! So boring...

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Sep 5, 2009

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The game is a mix between Halo and Unreal Tournament. The cut scenes are good, but that's about it. The single player campaign is incredibly dull and unimaginative. It's just a run and gun type map after map. Objectives are usually destroy this or capture that and along the way it's just a constant firefight. You'll wind up getting killed repeatedly because you get shot from all angles and by the time you can focus on the enemy your dead, you respawn and try again, and die again. The action is forced and the plot doesn't do much at all for the game. The weapon selection is alright, but it takes a good deal of bullets to kill a single enemy because everyone has shields. Even with a Missile Launcher or Sniper Rifle. Control is very sluggish, you walk slow, run slow. The only time you run fast is when you sprint and it takes a few seconds for that to kick it. It takes a while to get form point A to B especially when you have to run around all the time. You can customize your load outs in Multiplayer and you can buy field items like Supply Points, Tanks, Walkers, etc.. Sounds cool but it really doesn't help the game much. MP is laggy on most servers, and if you're lucky enough to find a good server there usually aren't many players and nobody believes in working together everyone runs off doing their own thing. The weapons aren't very creative either, shotgun, rifles, missile launcher, grenades, etc. Typical ho hum selection which doesn't fit considering the advanced suits and stuff you're equipped with. If you're a hardcore MP fan you'll probably tolerate the games short comings. If not, stay away.

Cut scenes

Dull plot
Dull weapons
Sluggish controls
Bland gameplay

You get stuck on small, ankle sized objects and have to jump over them.

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What is wrong with you people?

posted by bowcaster7 (WEST LEBANON, NH) Sep 6, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

17 out of 43 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I preordered Section 8, and for some reason my local Gamestop gave it to me early so I knew how awesome it was before it came out. Because of that I was expecting this game to have an average rating of about 9.3, or at least 8.5. But what do I see, I see an average rating of 6.3! 3 whole points lower than I expected! But I think I know why. People that don't have XBox Live are just saying: "Hey, this game looks good, I think I will rent it." Hello people, this games single player is not that good. The only reason to get it is for the multiplayer, so if you don't have XBox Live, don't rent the game, play the single player, find that it is horrible, then complain about is here by giving it a low score. PLEASE ONLY GET THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE XBOX LIVE. If you do I promise you it will become one of your favorite shooters of all time. I promise that its multiplayer is better that CoD 4, better than Halo 3, and better than almost all the other games you own. Another thing is the gameplay may be a little confusing at first with all the DCMs, the deployables, and the burning in. So when you rent the game, please don't return it right away if you don't get it immediatly. That is the problem with Gamefly, the games don't come with the instruction booklet unless you buy them... So go online if you have to, to research all the features (though you shouldn't have to)

Also the game deserves a 9.3, like I said above, I just rounded it to 10 instead of 9, to try to counteract that crazy 6.3 it has been given.

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