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Different FPS

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Sep 8, 2009

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Section 8 is a group of people in robot suits that have to capture certain points and keep them in order to gain points. Which is basically just Headquarters on Call of Duty. This game has a really short campaign, multiplayer, and instant action against bots. First off is the campaign though. I beat the campaign in about 4 hours. I was playing on easy and all, but i still beat it pretty fast and i was shocked when i saw it end so abruptly. A really nice thing especially for harder difficulties is that when you die, you just respawn and you dont have to start over at all. And ill get into respawning in a bit. Next is multiplayer which is basically instant action, just with real people instead of bots. Its pretty good, but theres basically one game mode, which is headquarters, and it can get old after a while. The biggest difference from this game to other first person shooters is that you spawn getting shot from your ship above the battlefield in the sky. And you can change your direction on the way down. And theres no loading screen once you get into a game. But, since this game is made off of the Unreal Engine, it can take a while for the graphics to get fully loaded up. Overall this game isnt too bad and its different from others. You should try it out, but you prouble shouldnt buy it.

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Well... it LOOKED good...

posted by KHMDark (COVINGTON, GA) Oct 6, 2009

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Section 8 is NOT a great good, nor a good game. The graphics are pretty good, but that's about it.

The story is... well, I don't know. Yeah, it's THAT bad. All I got really out of it was that some guy on the Arms side killed Coran's whole squad by sending in a big robot, which you WILL die from when it first arrives. The way it starts out is just too sudden, too quick. There's about a minute cutescene when you start a new game, and then you fight, with pretty pitiful trutrual. And, what's worse, you can beat the game in one sit down...

The gameplay is BELOW average. The button set up is so weird, you will spend about five minutes fixing it in the options. Example; to use grenades is the Right Bumper. Jump is Left Bumper, hold it down for the jetpack (o.k, the jetpack IS prettycool, but it lasts only two seconds and takes a bit to reharge). Oh! This is a good one; the game is pretty hard EVEN on easy! Even if two enemies are against you, you WILL get owned. Good thing is, you have infinite lives and you just land in the level again.

And... wow, driving the tank is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! You will have a terrible time tryin to drive it and to control it. And, what's worse, the FIRST time you drive it (WITHOUT any insructions), you are TIMED.

It looked like a great game, I was exicted about it, now, it's a disappointment.

Don't buy, or even RENT, this game. To me, it's just another game which tried to beat Halo and Gears of War but failed so bad, I can barely play it.

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pretty good, could use some work

posted by bre3zy (MONUMENT, CO) Sep 4, 2009

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they just need to make you move faster and and add some more creative weapons and this game would be gold imo. i like getting a squad of players that i know like my rl friends and going to infiltratte a base. also, to make this experience better change your sensitivity settings higher. overall, must rent

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